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  • Corban987
    May 3, 07:54 AM
    Should I get the 2G Graphic option, is it worth the $100?
    I will go the i7 for sure!

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 22, 08:11 PM
    Redesign that quick? But than again, a delay till September might be the reason. Who know, sure looks bad ass though.

    well lets consider the long list of bad press and problems in the iPhone 4 design. For example the your holding it wrong and piss poor lay out of the antenna. Glass back breaking all the time. I think they wanted to get off that before it got really out of hand. Might as well end it while they have the chance. Also could be the hardware update was going to be well pretty limited so they make the outside chance so people jump to buy a new one. They know Apple fanboys like to show off they have the lastest and greatest so they make it impossible for them to make it look like the could at a glance (for example 3G and 3GS. Unless you saw the back you could never tell)

    There is no way it could be that thin.

    It could be. The curved edges give it an optical illusion to look thinner than it really is. It is a cheating trick

    I hope it's not drastically thinner and lighter. The 4 at the minute is just right, nice to hold feels right.

    Maybe It's just my man handling sausage fingers but I wouldn't like to see it similar to the iPod touch.

    Yeah there is a limit before you become too small. At a certain point you just can not make it any thinner and lighter and still have it conformable to use.

    The iPhone 4 had just the right thickness. Tapering everything to a weak point is bad engineering.

    And when has Apple followed good engineering design. They rather look pretty than listen to their engineers and tell them to deal with it. I believe their are multiple reports of Apple own engineers speaking out saying they told them that the design of the iPhone 4 Antenna was bad idea but instead they were told to deal with it and do it. Nothing the engineers could do about it. Apple choose to make their phones look pretty instead of function. Apple is a Form over function company.

    Looks top-heavy and tough to hold. Not going to happen.

    Top heavy is not really a big issue with something that small and light.

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  • Intell
    Apr 27, 11:10 PM
    Deadline is 10:30 am EST.

    It's 11:31 EST.

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  • ro2nie
    Jul 24, 05:55 PM
    I hope this mouse has more customization features than the current mighty mouse.


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  • appleguy123
    Apr 25, 10:59 PM
    Thanks! You are now my favorite God.
    Was I your favorite god beforehand?

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  • ScottInTheOC
    Mar 16, 02:32 PM
    Is this at the spectrum?

    Yes this was at Irvine Spectrum. The Apple guy said to try again tomorrow.

    Has anyone heard from Mission Viejo??


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  • iShater
    Oct 13, 01:39 PM
    I'll bring my systems back online 24/7. I kinda got tires of the locked up core on my macs so I fold only on my pc laptop during the day.

    just do what you can

    I tried last weekend to get started again on my MBP. I use the InCrease client, and that thing just sat there, refused to clear out old stuff and get a new unit. I am having difficulty even reinstalling it and having it start from scratch.

    What do you guys use?

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  • 3N16MA
    Apr 29, 02:48 PM
    Competition = Good Thing

    Thank you for that revelation. My eyes have been open.


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  • JAT
    Apr 30, 09:03 AM
    I have to wonder how many people discussing audio quality buy their movies from iTunes vs Blu-Ray.

    Just asking since apparently those people are so concerned with getting optimal performance from their media.

    Not to take this off topic - but too many people have been duped by all the streaming serves and cable companies to believe they're getting a true HD experience when, in fact, they aren't because of the astronomical bitrate difference between what can be streamed vs delivered by hard media at current.
    Not me. Most movie viewing comes from my collection or from Netflix. Netflix BDs in the mail, that is. And over half of the reasoning for that is the audio. I had great audio before great video.

    Currently trying to decide how to begin purchasing music again. I've been out of the market for years, except for a couple CDs here and there and about 6 downloads, ever. Should I hunt down 24/96? Should I upgrade my TT and focus on vinyl? Or is CD going to have to be good enough? Possibly even some downloads for the kids' stuff to save cash.

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  • IndyGopher
    Apr 14, 10:42 AM
    "iX" = "Ix", which is the nickname for the character Ford Prefect in the book "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

    Obviously, the new Apple device is either a digital watch or a towel.

    I see that name, and I think of Dune, not HHGG. Ix is the planet where all the cool machines & gadgets are made.


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  • Razeus
    Apr 11, 01:34 PM

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  • LbSigman
    Apr 14, 03:09 PM
    My upload is better, but my download is the same.

    I've had instances in which my download was 650kbps and my upload has been 1200kbps. It's been all over the board, but I'm still happy with it. Did you just install the new update?


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  • trule
    Jan 30, 02:18 AM
    Chartists come to absurd conclusions, such as AAPL having support at 60. This means a trailing P/E based on current earnings (without growth) of around 15. At 40, we're talking a P/E of ten. This assumes that AAPL's growth days are over, as of now. Does anything we know about the company, including its historical growth and product offerings comport with the idea of Apple turning into Dow Chemical? I don't think so.

    PE's historically range between 7(bear lows) and 18 (bull highs) so 10 would be about the point where the weekly P&F chart (54) turns bearish.

    However you must consider that AAPL is 100% discretionary consumer spending so when recession hits consumers will cut back in favour of things like food and oil. Want another negative, here is one, 18 billion in cash...held in a fast depreciating currency (lost half its value over the past 6 years). Or how about this, DRM free music, sure to result in more file sharing and less iTunes sales. And on the topic of iTunes, another negative, all that new competition...one of them is sure to break the AAPL hold on that market.

    That weekly P&F chart is the worst I have seen in the past 5 years :eek:

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Jul 28, 08:15 AM
    This news will hopefully inspire Apple to make the next generation iPods even more amazing. However, I don't see MS as the biggest threat to the iPod. I am much more concerned about mp3 cellphones with 4Gb flash (see e.g. SonyEricsson).
    Apple needs come up with a revolutionary device that integrates an iPod with a cellphone and possibly even a GPS, in order to keep their mp3 marketshare.


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  • lbro
    Apr 22, 03:41 PM
    So is twelve enough players or do you guys want more?

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  • al256
    Jun 6, 08:58 PM
    As usual American's (yeah I'm American) love to blame someone for their own responsibility. It's so weird how people on here fight for freedom from the lockdowns that Apple puts on it's developers, freedoms from the limitations and restrictions Apple puts on the iPhone (hence why people jailbreak). Yet when a parent doesn't take accountability for their absence of judgement and legal obligation to be responsible for their child, everyone goes off on Apple for not having the protections in place to prevent this?

    There are so many hypocrites in this country, probably because nobody wants to take accountability for their own actions. What if it were a gun. If the parent left it on the night stand with a bullet in it, and the kid picked it up and shot & killed someone, would you all be blaming the maker of the gun? No, you'd be going after the parents for failure to supervise their kid which led to actions causing someone's death.

    So why is it different here?

    IT'S NOT.

    Guns don't kill people, iPod Touches making a $1,000 purchase kills people...


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  • wordoflife
    Jan 30, 05:23 PM
    Tickets, to see:


    All I can say is wow, just wow. No wonder it has a 48% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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  • jeff conaway rehab.

  • appleguy123
    Apr 17, 08:55 PM
    Read post #3 in this thread :)

    I really don't know how I missed him in the list. I swear, I did read it. :eek:

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  • whooleytoo
    Jul 25, 05:52 AM
    Feel free to take my word on this, and if you feel the need to confirm, remember that it's probably rude in most places to lick someone else's iPod without asking nicely first.

    It's also likely to lead to a Douglas Adams-esque end-of-the-world pandemic scenario! Euuuh!

    Apr 13, 08:54 AM
    Quoted from the Engadget article "Engadget has learned -- thanks to an extremely reliable source -- that not only is Apple complicit in the development of Light Peak, but the company actually brought the concept to Intel and asked them to create it"

    You are looking at the "evidence" but refuse to see it. No idea if it is accurate - but it is in print.

    No offence, I can easily disregard anything coming from Engadget.

    One more source and I'm in.

    Mar 8, 02:46 PM
    Roseanne's blonde daughter. The Munster's blonde daughter. Dr Elizabeth Weir in Stargate.

    Apr 17, 07:36 PM
    Thunderbolt would be a killer feature for this machine - and would open up a whole load of expansion options.

    Sonnet are marketing a load of interesting accessories, from Gigabit ethernet and FW800 adapters, to RAID arrays, to full-size PCIe expansion card housings, all of which can connect via Thunderbolt.

    Those CPUs are pretty fast. For everyone except gamers it should be a nice machine.

    Apr 29, 12:37 PM
    As the owner of a 1GHz eMac that will be 8 years old this summer, I've been targeting this as the year to upgrade to a 27" Core i7 iMac. We also have a MacBook that is getting up there in computer age. I'm really looking forward to this refresh, but I'll be waiting until this summer when they are shipping with Lion installed. I figure I've waited this long already, what's another few months?! I can't wait to do some home video editing on a machine that can easily handle it and dabble in some gaming on games that aren't 8-10 years old (even if most of my gaming will still be on the Xbox 360).

    May 3, 08:09 AM
    For perhaps a month before the Mac Pros are released at WWDC.Keep waiting...

    Intel is taking its time with the Xeons and Sandy Bridge-E.

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