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  • firestarter
    Apr 17, 08:31 PM
    Idk why people say that the update affects only gamers. It affects almost everyone. OpenGLs, 3D, movies, etc.

    I get you... it's not just about games!

    When we say "enough" and "runs fine" we are thinking of apps that require minimal standards. Man, when we are talking about at least quality games such as WoW, SC2, and MMO's, the difference between 320m and the Intel GPU is the difference between "playable and not playable"

    ...except all your examples ARE games!

    Like millions of other Mac owners, I don't play any games on my Mac and haven't for years. With iOS devices and consoles being so much cheaper, it just doesn't make any sense to me to pimp-up my Mac for gaming.

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  • akac
    Jul 10, 08:30 PM
    Get used to more Inspectors with Tab Views and less Toolbars. Cocoa apps are designed with Inspector Views.

    Inspectors are good for certain things. Like a window for working with all the graphic editing that iPhoto provides for an image. It is NOT so good for what Pages uses it for. And inspectors are not a Cocoa thing. I use tons of Cocoa apps and many don't use inspectors. Its a general UI thing - the programming API should have nothing to do with what UI comes out of it.

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  • CharBroiled20s
    Jun 27, 03:43 PM
    Should have let the charge stand IMO, they agreed to the terms and conditons:rolleyes:

    Well IMO you'd feel differently if your credit card incurred an accidental and irreversible thousand dollar charge. :p

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  • rhoydotp
    Mar 31, 12:13 PM
    interface looks complete, let's just hope that skin can be changed.

    agreed ... i like the layout but the skin. ugly :eek:


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  • TuffLuffJimmy
    Mar 3, 07:34 PM
    This thread made me puke a little in my mouth. The people in this thread who use a person's life as their own entertainment constantly commenting on his every move. Not surprising it's the same people who post the same inane judgements on just about every other celebrity.

    Now about that briefcase full of cocaine... :p

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  • carterx
    Dec 4, 11:51 AM
    Ok, well, yes, it's not on the VMware site. It's a copy from a user that recieved the Beta copy and then posted it on a file site for others to download.

    If I seen that it had issues with the download I would not have posted the link, but that does not say that there could be some issues for some odd reason.

    Anyways, I have been using it myself without an issue, but as "Westside guy" stated use your own caution doing so.

    I can understand the concern. If you want to wait for an invite or full release, then do so.

    I'm loving the program and will be buying it as soon as it is release (that is if there is a cost to it or not)


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  • Pillar
    Sep 16, 08:50 AM
    macbook pro 13" razer orochi, incase neoperene plus, mobileme :)
    i just have to find seagate momentus xt somewhere..

    http://img828.imageshack.us/img828/7227/dsc01045m.jpg http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/9725/dsc01047pz.jpg http://images.apple.com/mobileme/images/overview_mobileme_20100622.png

    congrats! i'm thinking of buying a incase neoprerene plus for same macbook pro as yours. thoughts on it?

    i went to target and bought some household goods. no pictures at the moment, no more iphone :o

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  • Project
    Aug 15, 03:14 PM
    I dont see what the problem is for something like a battery.


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  • !� V �!
    Apr 28, 04:28 PM
    If this white iPhone 4 does not fit the official Apple Bumper then I can see this as a problem. Otherwise its a moot point, my case is made out of rubber and it is still capable to stretch a little to fit a little more or less in size.

    Too bad for those who spent money on a "fitting" case.

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  • Ridley
    Apr 17, 08:42 PM
    According to CNET, the new Air will be released around June with a Sandy Bridge ULV Core i5 2537M chip 1.4 GHz that can turbo to 2.3 GHz.

    So for .17 GHz upgrade we are sacrificing around 30% graphic power?

    Are you talking about this article (http://news.cnet.com/8301-13924_3-20031434-64.html?tag=posts;msg5118115) from back in February that has been discussed ad infinitum on here?


    Are you referring to a newer cnet story? Do you have a link? Thanks, I am personally holding off and really hoping its true... we'll see!

    Also clock rate is not the only factor for determining chip speed... in fact it is a very small factor. The new processor is not just .17 hz faster, its a whole new architecture. Its why the 2.0 Ghz i7 in the 2011 MBPs are faster than the a 3.2 Ghz Pentium 4 Prescott from 2004.


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  • Buckeyes1995
    Apr 18, 06:57 AM
    You aren't the only person Apple sells computers to either. To a lot of people being able to at least play some games on the go is a selling point that must be met for a travel device.]

    I am exactly one of those people. I wanted a light laptop that I could game on occasionally while on travel. There is ZERO chance I would have bought an apple if it wasn't for the Air's portability and gaming potential. Hopefully I'll get many years use out of my 13" Ultimate.. but if Apple cripples the Air from a GPU perspective, I'll go back to Windows in a heartbeat on my next laptop purchase.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my air and am enjoying OSX.. but not enough to sacrifice my ability to game on it.

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  • Eriden
    Mar 16, 08:02 AM
    Uh-oh, if you arent position 1 in front of the Apple Store, then the guy is probably a scalper. I think it's mostly mall employees lined up inside right now. I managed to get in with a hopeful mall employee just before 5am.


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  • sammyman
    Apr 22, 04:28 PM
    I think this could be sweet. Like the idea of the design, and the mock up looks ok. Just wish the reports on no 4G weren't true.

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  • Mexbearpig
    Sep 13, 08:50 PM
    Linkin Park A Thousand Suns

    Only one song kicks ass and it's called "Wretches And kings" It's going to be a hit in da clubs. I said it first! :D

    How are you guys getting this? It says Sept 14th for me and all I can do is pre order it.

    And what is the astronaut shirt? :confused:


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  • ChrisNM
    Apr 28, 07:06 PM
    i had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1st.

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  • twoodcc
    Sep 18, 11:24 PM
    anyone with a newer mac pro or xserve can kill in the stats. should be a nice incentive. i am excited about mac folding for the first time in a while

    i wonder how the octo 2.26 does


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  • Chundles
    Oct 24, 08:28 AM
    aswitcher, could you explain a bit more to me what you mean by
    "802.11n pending firmware upgrade..." since you're the first to mention this at all? Does anyone know if this new MBP will have 802.11n at all (for the iTV)?

    802.11n isn't due for ratification until 2008. There is a "Draft N v 2.0" due out next year that is supposedly close to what 802.11n will be but there's no guarantee anything will work until the final spec is released in 2008.

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  • combatcolin
    Oct 23, 08:15 AM

    (Me included)

    Big impact on buisness applications though.

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  • Bubba Satori
    Mar 31, 12:44 PM
    That will look great on the new iSteamPunkMac.



    May 4, 08:58 AM
    Wait, tell me what the source is again? A CSR via a forum member?? Gotta be joking..

    May 4, 12:18 AM
    OR another reason: Apple decided to go verizon exclusive and ATT is shunned.

    If I wasn't a shareholder, I'd enjoy watching what would happen if this far fetched idea occurred. I know that it would certainly prove interesting.

    Apr 9, 02:17 PM
    So it finally stopped snowing this morning, skies overcast. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I got out and headed just a little north of town to a closed ended valley - elevation 6300 feet. There are a bunch of old abandoned farm houses scattered about. Here's one of them.


    5DII w/70-300 f4-5.6L IS USM
    EXIF: 100 ISO, f/9, 1/400s, 0 ev, 300mm

    Aug 18, 04:28 PM
    Yet that doesn't change the fact that the BSOD still exists in XP.

    Ive never experienced the BSOD in 5 years, which is remarkable given the problems i had with 95. Bought a Rev D ibook when they were released, had two kernal panics within first week. Was not impressed with the stability of Panther, Tiger seems somewhat better. Applications still seem to shut down without warning.

    Apr 16, 06:27 PM
    Why would you need 64 bit for a MBA? To fly off those huge sample libraries that the processor would lock up over?
    64 bit is only for massive memory allocations and a MBA doesn't even have the CPU to pull it off... :rolleyes:

    At this point I think it's mainly a matter of keeping the platform unified. Why support two kernals longer than you have to? The sooner Apple makes 64-bit the default, the sooner they can dump the 32-bit kernal altogether.

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