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arnold schwarzenegger photos

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  • bld44
    Apr 1, 08:30 AM
    Part II of my "spring series".... another wildflower..
    (for the life of me I can't remember the proper name of this flower right now).

    flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/davisbrandon/5577963091/in/photostream/)

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  • drakino
    Mar 14, 01:45 PM
    Wow, glad I avoided the Brea store, sounds like a mess.

    Ended up grabbing two from the South Coast location (one for myself, and one for work to develop with, as they let me go early to go stand in line). Arrived around 2:30, and the line was around 300 at that point, with it mostly outside. Thanks to the guy next to me for providing sunscreen, I got a bit of a tan but avoided a full sunburn.

    What was strange is that mall security would yell at anyone with a foldout chair, claiming it's a safety issue since it would block more of the sidewalk and not allow people to easily walk by without stepping into the road. Seems reasonable, until I noticed all the Apple employees just kept going up and down the road anyhow and security said nothing. Oh well.

    One tip an employee was passing along was to buy whatever model you could if they didn't have the exact one you wanted, then take advantage of the 14 day return policy later. Might be a bit rough for some people though with the expected stock shortages, but will also mean a likely appearance of the iPad 2 on the refurb side quicker then normal for folks looking to save a bit.

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  • rdlink
    Apr 22, 05:17 AM
    1) I own both.

    They are rectangular and have icons on home screens.

    There's only so much one can do with smart phone styling.

    It's not like Apples on the verge of going out of business.

    Much ado over nothing.

    Like a teenage bully, Apples beyond stupid.

    2) You actually believe clueless sales people?

    The fact that "there's only so much you can do with smart phone styling" does not give one company the inalienable right to copy another's patents, or blur the line between their product and the one which they're trying to copy.

    The size of Apple's bank account has nothing to do with this. Disney has sued much smaller companies in the past, and won. Because the courts recognize the need to protect valuable intellectual property, even when sofa lawyers don't.

    Whether I believe clueless sales people or not is irrelevant. Clueless consumers often do. How else can you explain Android's rise? (zing! :o).

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  • 4ndy
    Apr 22, 04:47 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    Looks ugly and much like a photo shopped iPod touch. Plus the bottom is to thin to support the 30pin as the iPod touch is just about big enough and losing half it's depth would be to narrow. Plus getting screen plus a5 plus screen into that form factor doesn't seem possible oh and don't forget a decent battery.


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  • Funkatronic
    Sep 15, 01:33 AM
    Yeah, um, I really, really like Threadless. And Halo. Won't have to do laundry for a month straight now! :)

    Had to stock up on t-shirts when they had their $9 sale for 32 hours this past week!

    Holy mother of god!! A question though, do they charge shipping seperately for each tee, or if you have a giant-ass order does it get billed per box? (crate)

    I'm considering a mega tee order myself, but the international shipping rates are making me think twice.

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  • tullys
    May 4, 03:40 AM
    No offense but customer service reps will say anything

    Anyone who's had to phone any call-center in the last 10 years would surely know that if there's no chance of a sale being closed, CS reps will say whatever is needed to get you off their line.

    Anyone who's had to phone any call-center in the last 10 years would surely know that if there's a chance of a sale being closed, CS reps will say whatever is needed to get the stat as quickly as possible and get you off their line.


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  • NikeTalk
    Apr 13, 08:47 PM
    I would love to see those prices!........not really tho

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  • alent1234
    Apr 14, 12:45 PM
    607.7 MB for ipad2


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  • NativeOSXboy
    Apr 22, 10:47 AM
    Wait what ? Apple's complaint had multiple utility patents, design patents, trademark infringement claims and trade dress claims. That's pretty broad, not specific.

    It also levied these complaints at the many different phones in the Galaxy line-up. The media is only comparing 1 model, the Vibrant/i9000. There are many models included in the complaint, including the Captivate, the Nexus S and the Epic 4G. Yet as shown on this page, you'd be hard pressed to mistake them for a 3GS like the media claims.

    Apple's complaint isn't specific and it isn't about a specific model at all. That is why you guys need to look beyond the simple pictures you've seen on Apple biased media. At this point, this could go either way, could get reduced, etc..

    Also, the patents Samsung is suing over are quite important as they relate to reduced power usage during data transmission, something we all know Apple values profoundly in their designs. There's 10 patents in all. Like Apple, Samsung is defending their IP. Anyway, like stated many times, this lawsuit and now the counter-suit is just a negotiation tactic by both corporations. Don't worry too much about it and don't try to get into emotional arguments over it, in the end, it doesn't concern us the consumer.

    Why not just let him have his emotional argument? Why do you have to correct him or specify anything? If it doesn't concern the consumer (us), why not just let the issue be regardless of what one person or another has to say. This is a forum, a place to voice opinion, nothing more. If you wanna hear your right or you have strong arguments, okay yep.

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  • arogge
    Jun 7, 03:00 AM

    We should get rid of the stupid Parental Controls in OS X. I've already been locked out once, and it may happen again. For some reason, Safari suddenly decided that several of the Websites that I'd been using were inappropriate for me to view. These included at least one federal government Website.

    The Parental Controls weren't even activated, at least not that I could tell. The only thing that was running was a keyword filter for Safari, which I didn't intentionally activate. Parental Controls have no place in an operating system that is being used for real work. It's one more thing that can go wrong, and it's a waste of disk space.

    Parents should learn to supervise their children while a child is using the computer, and if they don't care to supervise or aren't educated enough to understand how that computer works, they shouldn't own a computer. I am so tired of hearing these news stories about how the parents "didn't know" that their child was doing something illegal or was being bullied for months. How can you not know what's going on in your own home, on the computer that you bought?

    A computer was not meant to be a toy that could be used by anybody above a 2nd-grade reading level. These same whiny parents then turn around and blame the social networking companies, blogs (used as another name for "chat rooms"), cell phone companies, schoolteachers, and anybody else that could be connected to their children through technology, but they never seem to want to blame themselves for being bad parents who like to forget that their children exist. Considering the number of downright-dumb parents that I've run into, I'm surprised that the society does as well as it does. These people are frankly too stupid to live, and they're the reason why most everything these days comes with disclaimers, warning labels, or nanny features that try to prevent you from hurting yourself and others.

    There's even this latest thing that demands restaurants start putting on their menus how many Calories are in each of their foods, because the dumb people don't understand that eating fried foods and sitting on their butts all day can eventually make you fat. I've been deliberately ordering foods with the warning labels just for fun. Oh, this has 2,100 Calories? Is that bad? The nannies want you to say yes, you say? Good, I'll take that and a large soda, and how about a couple of sides too! Uno Chicago Grill was one of the restaurants labeled for having too many Calories, yet after 10 years of eating what the nannies say are dangerous foods, I'm still not fat. Stay out of my favorite foods!

    People should be forced to take responsibility for their own lives much more often, and this nonsense of allowing frivolous lawsuits should end.


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  • Chas2010
    Apr 14, 04:18 PM
    I've just downloaded the update on my iPhone and iPad and i noticed that on the iPad (not iPhone) in the General Setings now there is now a multitouch gestures button to enable this function. It suports 4 fingers up to show the app switcher, 4 fingers to the sides to switch apps and 5 fingers to the centre to go to the home screen.

    It works great!

    I have the iPad 2 running 4.3.1 and I have no such setting available.

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Jul 24, 04:45 PM
    I'm just praying that Apple get the price right. Personally, I prefer tilt wheels to scroll wheels.


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  • baleensavage
    Aug 15, 03:01 PM
    A lot of the features look great but the Spotlight screenshot has me worried. It looks like very little has changed with the results. The biggest failure of Spotlight for me has been the lack of the ability to sort your results by modification date. I used to use the find file to look for items on our server all the time, now it is totally useless because they show up alphabetically. I would have hoped that Apple would have gotten wise about that with Leopard. Apparently they havent listened to all the Mac users who think that Spotlight in Tiger is trash.

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 26, 02:46 PM
    Not sure what n "MBA" is :confused: - But I don't have a dedicated server, just my normal home PC that I have iTunes on that I already sync my iPhone to. I put it in SLEEP mode - it consumes almost no power unless it's gets "woken up" by the streaming app, after which it puts itself back to sleep. I never have an issue. It doesn't run 24 hours a day - only when I stream or am actually using it.


    MacBook Air=MBA

    A lot of people nowadays only have laptops. I could understand if you have a desktop that you want to come on all the time or is on 24/7.


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  • slackersonly
    Jul 24, 03:17 PM
    Using Apple.com prices for comparison, current Mighty Mouse is $49 and Bluetooth Mouse is $59.

    I would like to see the Bluetooth Mighty Mouse at $59 or even better a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mighty Mouse Combo for $99.

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  • pkson
    Apr 13, 08:30 PM
    LOL. White iPhone 4 will be the duke nukem forever of iPhones.

    Duke Nukem. hahahahahahahaha


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  • Legion93
    May 1, 10:56 PM
    you do that :rolleyes: ... your textbook on terrorism now needs to be updated with Osama dead

    My textbook is 7 years old.

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  • countach
    Oct 24, 09:14 AM
    I was disappointed that the resolution was not updated to 1920x1200...I would assume this would have added siginificant costs? or maybe they think the current resolution is good enough and that there is little noticable difference between the current vs 1920x1200 ? Anyone else feel this is a big deal? Reasons why the higher resolution is not necessary? Thanks

    On a windows machine, everything seemed absurdly small under 1920x1200, but it might not be such a problem on a mac where more stuff is scaled. I would have liked to see the bigger resolution though.

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  • parapup
    Apr 26, 12:27 PM
    and amazon is getting sued :D. aka, will start to charge customers more to recoup the costs.

    Also, enjoy playing your amazon cloud on any apple device.

    If there is one thing Amazon doesn't need to worry about - it's the lawyers, they got plenty of them!

    Plus, even if they charge a bit more to recoup the costs - they have huge advantage in that a) they are already there and b) they aren't cloud n00bs with one freshly baked data center close only to the US :)

    And who said anything about Apple devices? Apparently, not many people are concerned (http://www.androidcentral.com/nielsen-android-americas-most-wanted-platform) about that one :p

    Mar 2, 09:44 AM
    Well, his kids have been taken out of his custody. Wonder what's next?


    May 4, 09:31 AM
    There is no reason in the world for Apple NOT to introduce the new iPhone at WWDC...except for the possibility that they are disastrously behind in development. Which would be simply embarrassing.

    There are lots of reasons, but posting them is pointless.

    Apple has nothing to be embarrassed about.

    Mar 8, 02:47 PM
    Roseanne's blonde daughter. The Munster's blonde daughter.Mr Wilson, although it was his "brother".

    Nov 1, 01:38 PM
    I've also come to the conclusion that I *want* a D7000 to replace my extremely old, 6 month old D90 :D

    Apr 3, 02:32 PM
    Took my camera out yesterday for the first time in about four months: a bit like getting back in a car when you haven't driven for a while, to find you're thinking about something you used to do automatically...


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