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  • ug.mac
    Nov 3, 10:25 PM
    i just finished installing xp sp2 on vmware works fine....

    just under device manager it tells me one unregonised hardware....the video card... any1 knows how to solve this?
    or is it part of the game

    You need to install VMware tools from Virtual Machine menu.

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  • buckers
    Apr 28, 06:15 PM
    Bizarre, but probably not an issue for the vast majority of users :rolleyes:

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  • akbarali.ch
    May 4, 08:25 AM
    I guess the reason why iphone 5 is being delayed is something got to do with cloud + Lion + iphone + ipod touch + Celluler data.

    iPhone 4 had been a good selling phone just like the previous ones but if you look into it you realize that making iphone4 is a bit costlier than the previous iphone which will be even tough for them to bring down the cost to $100 when iphone 5 comes out. So they may want to delay it abit more. (Very less likely though).

    As you can see the ipad3G version have celluler data access as well psp NGP, and lots of tablet that are coming out are all having cellular access including psp phone & del streak. That leaves out ipod touch, that has only WIFI. As we know ipod touch is iphone, without a phone and even if they pack in the 3G chip to access data, then why not allow it make calls, but that would make another iphone. So i guess instead of releasing an ipod touch they might be planning to release a cheeper iphone which will be better choice than "Wifi only iphone". Which also help them sell more iphone and compete better with Android (i hope they dont do that)

    Whatever the cloud thing is, needs to be demonstrated, for that, they need the cloud itself, iphone & mac, with lion, all of which is needs to be there on the table right in one place. cloud is just about to be ready, atleast thats what everyone is saying.

    so when you combine everything and try to guess the release date, it comes clean, that the release will not happen in june-july frame,.. later. but not sure how late.

    or just crap everything.....I guess they haven't done selling iPhone4!

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  • Bregalad
    Apr 26, 01:07 AM
    I am excited to hear that the CPUs released in January will finally be making it to a Mac in May. I totally understand the delay. It doesn't make much sense to anyone but Intel to release mid range chips months before the high end ones so Apple has little choice but to hold back the iMac lest it hurt sales of Mac Pros and MacBook Pros.

    I'm not excited by the idea that the iMacs may continue to ship with 16:9 mirrors. Apple is a premium brand, the least they could do is offer true anti-reflective glass (not the fuzzy matte finish that used to adorn displays).

    I'm not sure there's anything we can do about the 16:9 issue. The entire LCD industry seems determined to give us screens optimized for entertainment rather than information gathering or document production. Maybe what we really need is a display that can rotate 90� and still look good. Then I could stick a pair of 9:16's side by side.


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  • steadysignal
    May 3, 08:44 AM
    nice new specs on these. miss my imac!

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  • TennisandMusic
    Apr 28, 11:04 AM
    I'm honestly surprised by a lot of you. The whole "no single android phone outsells the iPhone!" argument, is foolish and weak. It's a platform war. You basically get ONE CHOICE with the iPhone. Now it's a great choice, but of course it's going to be a top seller as a result. There are so many good Android choices out there that a single model isn't going to dwarf the others. Since there are, you know, options? As a platform it seems iOS is getting whooped on. Does that not register, or are people that much in denial?

    Now myself, I like my iPhone, but come on...in this case we are talking about platforms...So weird...


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  • lordonuthin
    Oct 16, 02:52 PM
    To become a relevant team, we need to reach 250k units per day, almost double the current rate. We need 70 more iMacs/MacBooks or 5 8-core systems.

    You buy the mac pros and send em my way and I'll get em set up :p

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  • littleman23408
    Sep 17, 04:21 PM
    Blink 182 - Blink 182
    First Pressing Pink/Green Swirl 1/500
    Lazer Etched D side

    I want!!!!!!:)

    Oooh! Nice! Well done!

    Oh dear, nevermind;)

    haha, that made me laugh pretty good. Cosmo's factory turned out to be better than i thought it would be. I have Green River and prefer Cosmo's Factory over it.


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  • Twe Foju
    Apr 20, 01:11 AM
    Sorry if i may have missed some info here

    but does Apple say that they would not put an integrated GPU for the remaining of their Sandy Bridge line?

    which means, as long as they use SB processor, it will be using the HD3000?

    because if you guys hate the graphics downgrade, i am sure this is just a marketing strategy, and you can hope to see the next gen after this one to include integrated GPU, hopefully

    i am also having a dilemma here on whether to pull my trigger on the current ultimate 13 or the SB, even if i dont play games on laptop anymore ( well the only game i still play on my MBP is EvE ), but i am a greedy bastard after all :p

    ==== edit ====

    sorry just done some research, looks like you cant put any dedicated into SB after all.. what a shame

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  • AlphaBob
    Jan 30, 05:12 PM
    I am gambling my extra money on geopolitical actions. Bottom line is I don't mind taking a chance on my research, especially with the tensions in the middle east.

    Time will tell of course. But if you think about it, the run-up in the price of gold has been post 9/11 and due to tension in the middle east. For more than six plus years the theory is that the world is coming to an end. Rightly or wrongly that theory is tightly bound to the current sitting president. When George Bush is no longer in office, things may well be different. The middle east may cool off. Betting on tension to continue seems a long bet to me.

    Russia is talking of backing their currency with gold because they have been in economic crisis. They see that as a last ditch effort to short up a failing system. If you see the EU or the United States do the same, then I'd be worried.

    But back to the original topic about why Apple stock is dropping. I'll say it is a gift to those that don't own the stock -- a chance to buy it for less than $200 a share! :)


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  • mKizzo
    Apr 13, 08:33 PM
    One of my mates in Taiwan actually got a white conversion kit for his iPhone4. I took a look last week and was actually dissapointed. It looks kind of cheap & gimmicky. And I don't believe that's related to the quality of the conversion. This was performed using genuine apple components and in that respect the fit and finish was perfect.

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  • iStefmac
    Jan 30, 09:08 AM
    One word. Macworld.

    I sold half of my shares in the company the day before Macworld at an astounding price. I personally feel for whoever the buyer was, as they paid well over what my shares were worth that day (wrongly anticipating a spike after Macworld). I, however, have had a close eye on the rumors and Apple's business model as of late. I anticipated several elements that came to frutition, and now still having half of my Apple stock, I about broke even. Until Apple soars high again :). First really insightful stock market decision I've ever made.

    Buy now :-) Thats my $0.02


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  • twoodcc
    Oct 20, 03:22 PM
    I thought I did everything right but... I did find that it was running another wu on 8 cores after I set it up, duh. Fixed that but it still won't pick up the bigadv so I thought maybe they are out of them? it will pick up normal wu's if it can't get bigadv one's. And maybe I need more than 6 GB of ram?

    also, you need to have a passkey and completed 10 WUs with your passkey before you'll get a bigadv unit

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  • xlii
    Dec 29, 12:54 PM
    An "average" sustainable long distance pace (12km/h, about 8mph) will burn through about 1000 calories an hour. I suspect she's not running quite that much ;)

    I seem to remember people out in the Arctic / Antartic tend to eat ~ 6000 calories a day, since so much is lost due to cold, etc. Maybe she lives in her fridge most of the day? (Which would explain the calorie intake too!) :)


    Traditionally the Eskimo's ate 6000 calories a day... mostly animal fat. They needed that much to survive a hunter gatherer lifestyle in a very cold climate.


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  • Moyank24
    Apr 28, 12:30 PM
    Still night. The death was because of a kamikaze attack.

    Oops! I was so upset about appleguy's apparent suicide I wasn't thinking. :D

    And Annie Oakley is so much cooler than being a stupid sandwich maker...

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  • mrblah
    Jul 24, 11:27 PM
    No freakin thanks. Its already hard enough to control the touch sensitive orange ipod because its so "touchy." It would literally be impossible to use the ipod without looking with an interface like that, driving with an ipod would go from dangerous to suicidal. Its not the least bit practical and would just be a gimmick.

    Its just an all around NO for me. One hand control would be a pain, no-look control would be impossible, the learning curve would take awhile to get used to because it would be the first thing with controls like that, no cases, pretty much no everything. Bad idea.


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  • firewood
    Mar 29, 10:49 AM
    Yes, reserved now.

    However look 2 years out. If back in the day MacWorld Expo could get North and South then Apple should not have a problem with getting 2 or more of the building as well.

    Two years ago WWDC took weeks to sell out. Why would Apple want to spend a ton more to reserve a much larger facility at that slow rate?

    I wonder if these events will start doing something to limit scalping? What could they do?

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  • Bonfire
    Apr 22, 06:41 PM
    The tapered design is hideous.

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  • rnelan7
    Sep 12, 08:13 PM
    Played the back 9 at http://www.pittsburghgolf.com/

    Played terrible but did see a red fox out on the course. :D

    Took the photo with my iPhone 4 for a ways away (Probably 50 yards) used the HDR setting, came out a lot better than the non HDR photo.

    Very cool, I've worked at this course (http://www.tavistockcc.org/) the past two years and it was always a joy seeing wild life.

    Apr 27, 05:09 AM
    Not a surprise, even amazon charges a small fee for a decent amount of storage.

    Yes, but it'll probably be the other way round here a - large fee for a poor amount of storage/quality of features.

    Apr 6, 03:47 AM
    ^You've really captured the atmosphere, and the leading lines work great with the dog's pose looking down the platform - well done.

    Wow, that is absolutely stunning and beautiful shot. Looks fanastic:D

    Stunning. Did you use a graduated ND filter on the sky ?

    Thanks! Yes I used a ND grad to darken the sky and a ND8 filter to buy more exposure time.

    Jan 29, 01:22 AM
    I'm currently testing one out :)

    Thoughts so far?

    Sep 16, 03:47 PM
    A few eBay cases for my iPod Touch. Good quality for a $1 :)

    Jan 29, 11:59 PM
    Apple has great products, but we are going to be experiencing more than a recession. Donald Trump stated that what was going to happen in North America is going to make Russia look like a picnic during world war 2. The CEO of Wall-Street stated two years ago that there will be a world economic crash worse than what happened during the 1930's due to the amount of debt. The European Union Banks stated 1.5 years ago that they were preparing their banks for a world economic collapse. Unfortunately most of us are living the status quo and do not want to acknowledge that our way of life is going to drastically change. Unfortunately even a company as great as Apple will not be able to retain the level of what the stocks are worth even at todays low. My advice is pay of your debts... sell your stocks while you still have money, sell your home and then when the collapse occurs then invest.

    LOL! The market has stabilized, and the worst of the credit 'crisis' is over. The only recession concerns the housing market- which was inflated due to speculation.
    Maybe a little less NPR would do you some good...

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