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  • LT Peanut
    Nov 26, 06:04 PM
    A new month or so for XBox LIVE:

    iTunes Giftcard:

    Covers for all the Warriors books in my collection that have no cover ( lost 'em /: ). I dont know where to get just a cover, so eh.

    This splash cymbal ( I had one but it I broke it )

    Cash to save up for a MacBook Air 11.6" and unrealistically, a MBA 11.6" :D

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  • mojohanna
    Oct 18, 06:28 PM
    Having looked at the numbers in more detail it is interesting that compared to the year ago quarter desktop sales are relatively static and pretty much all the growth in mac shipments is in the portable lines. Good to see Apple add 1bn to revenue anyhow.
    Due to late intro of the mac Pro. I would bet that desktops will increase in sales for Q1

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  • mingspace
    Oct 24, 08:45 AM
    I apologize for the big letters. I'm a mac newb and this will be my first mac. I have been waiting for this new macbook to buy and whats funny is that I walked into the Mac Store yesterday, the guy new everything about the product but seemed a little too clueless about the product cycle. He was like.. "uh, could be next February but no one ever knows". I asked how releases are typically handled for macs. He replies "I'm not really sure. It's anyone's guess". So I knew he was trying to avoid talking about it.

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  • gh0sted
    Jul 12, 09:34 PM
    One other thing according to the Harris poll, Apple broke the top 10 in brand confidence this year and Microsoft fell out of the top 10. People usually go with a company they trust (for what ever reason).



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  • basesloaded190
    Apr 13, 02:00 PM
    Highly unlike that Apple will release an actual tv. More probable are televsions from major manufacturers that have air play functionality built in.

    This. I can see manufacturers adopting Airplay or eventually adopting something more sophisticated like actual software from apple to mimic that of the Apple TV

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  • eddyg
    Aug 15, 06:17 PM

    It doesn't look as if Spaces can work this way - but if you have multiple
    screens then it would be nice to assign one or more spaces to that screen.

    Is that how it works?

    Or does it treat the other screens as an extension of the current Space?

    Cheers, Ed.


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  • David Sharpe
    Jul 25, 12:21 PM
    After Jobs walks out, but before he starts the Keynote. Someone should ask Steve to empty his pockets. First the mini, then the nano, this time should be the Video iPod. I am hoping for a couple more things this Keynote.

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  • ebow
    Aug 15, 02:50 PM
    i like the new Preview look :)

    I don't. Well, if they would make most other apps follow the same look (pioneered by Mail.app) then I wouldn't mind it too much. The number of distinct interface styles is getting to be absurd. :rolleyes: Thank goodness for UNO (http://gui.interacto.net/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1).


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  • Auax
    Apr 19, 01:46 AM
    Does this mean that apple plans to enter the tv market?
    Do people have good experiences with apple tv compared with tv of other brands?

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  • sgosine
    Jun 19, 12:23 AM
    Wow! why is this still being discussed?


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  • Plymouthbreezer
    May 2, 12:01 AM
    Americans have been waiting for this day for almost a decade; this is great news.

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  • blackout8
    Jul 28, 07:22 AM
    If it has any features like Pandora or Last.fm i'll be very interested... albeit I already have those two for free... As long as the 'finding new music' feature is better than the iTunes Mini store, which is down right bad. Bring on a pandora like stream but with intergrated purchasing features, so that you can in a way try before you buy, as well as find more music.

    That would work wouldn't it - i know it would get me purchasing more music online. O WAIT! DRM... nevermind ignore this whole post :rolleyes:


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  • ejl10
    Jul 25, 06:30 AM
    The Might Mouse is the worst piece of crap Apple has ever released. Everyone knows it!

    The only reason anyone would buy this thing is because of blind Apple brand loyalty.

    That and the fact that it matches my iMac better than any other mouse. But still, I'll use my Logitech wired until Apple can come up with a decent mouse. Form only gets you so far.

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  • solvs
    Jul 22, 02:35 AM
    wow that was the funniest bunny lovin i've ever seen
    I could've posted something even funnier, but I didn't want to get banned.


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  • timerollson
    Sep 17, 10:47 AM

    For 99cents this game is incredible!:D

    For the life of me, I cannot get past the 2nd one on the 2nd set of levels.:mad:

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  • appleguy123
    Apr 25, 04:36 PM
    Moyank24 because she is a woman who won't give me cheap sammiches. Sounds wolfish to me. :D
    I'll change my vote if any good evidence shows up.


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  • jive turkey
    Mar 31, 02:53 PM
    It is tough to judge completely without seeing week & month views, but I don't like this at all. I hope we see a little less time making iCal look better (which IMO has been wasted effort--yuck!) and a little more time making things like the task list much more productive, let alone fully sync-able with all iOS devices. I'm not a big fan of Outlook as a mail or calendar app, but I love the way it handles tasks. (At least as of the last version of Outlook I used, which is probably 2 revisions ago.)

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  • icrew
    Oct 24, 07:50 AM
    For me, the biggest news is the 3GB of RAM and 200GB of disk that's available now--frankly the 2GB in my MBP-CD (Core Duo--how are we going to distinguish them now?) is a bit anemic, especially for running Parallels and PowerPC apps simultaneously.

    (At least I'll finally get my boss to order one, so I can play with one of the new ones....)

    Edit: Can't seem to add the new 15 to my shopping cart from the edu (College/University Proposal) store--just get:
    "Your session has timed out after a period of inactivity. Please return to the Store Menu to continue shopping." I can add other items to the cart from that store, so it's just something that's screwed up. Sigh. Guess I should just go back to bed and wait awhile!


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  • MacSA
    Jul 25, 08:29 AM
    Did the US Apple Store go offline?

    Apr 26, 09:08 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8H7)

    Of course they'll charge for it. This kind of stuff will pile up fast. No free lunch. On the upside, there's increased level of accountability and service. Apple will be accountable to your dollar.

    wedge antilies
    Jul 11, 06:30 PM
    The XBox seems to be doing pretty well.

    The following is from Gamespot. com

    "But as a result of increased production and marketing costs of the Xbox 360, on which Microsoft currently loses an estimated $126 per unit, its Home and Entertainment division found itself in an unenviable position. Despite the fact the division's quarterly revenue went from $571 million in 2005 to $1.056 billion in all its new income evaporated. Its quarterly operating loss went from $175 million in 2005 to $388 million in 2006."

    However with the Games console Microsoft can make money from Game sales and liscensing. Since Apple has already admitted that the iTMS has razor thin profits, they won't be able to duplicate that revenue stream in this area.

    The following is from Gamesarefun.com

    "Since the Xbox launched, the Home and Entertainment Division has seen financial losses approaching $1 billion per year. The losses are $880 million and $990 million per fiscal year, respectively. Add in the $273 million lost in Microsoft's fiscal Q1 (calendar Q3), and $241 million lost in fiscal Q2 (calendar Q4) and we get $2.384 billion lost since the launch of the Xbox".

    The argument some people are making is that if Microsoft is willing to put up with losses like this, they can do the same in the "iPod-like" market. However, the markets are truly different in a few ways - a) there is no razor/razorblade economic model b) there are VERY FEW barriers to entry c) The upgrade cycle is MUCH faster.

    I think this a threat, but I think Apple may have this covered.

    -Red 2.

    Nov 28, 02:11 PM
    I need Family and friends...

    an honorable wish!! Hoping yours gets granted.

    Chupa Chupa
    May 2, 10:19 AM
    Will an apple store employee tell me if I harass them all day or bribe them with monies? Or don't they know either? :confused:

    They really do not know so you can give 'me a break and start bugging them about stock tomorrow instead (assuming it's released as rumored)

    Apr 18, 04:39 AM
    It's not a marginal increase. The Sandy Bridge 1.4Ghz ULV (expected to be in the new 11") is 40% faster than the C2D LV 1.86Ghz chip that's currently in the base 13" in some benchmarks.

    Good to hear, thanks for the heads up. I'll live with the Intel IGP if that's the case.

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