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  • NT1440
    May 1, 11:25 PM
    Watch the news on this right now ... they are talking about how huge Bin Laden is in Al-Queda ... he goes back to the beginning of it.

    if anything Ayman al-Zawahiri is a distant #2 leader

    Looks like Navy Seals played a big role in getting the job done ... cheers to them.

    God knows that if the news is reporting something, its the truth.

    Seriously? Why would news channels that helped in the march for war play this up at all? :rolleyes:

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  • GeorgeN111
    Jan 31, 02:51 PM

    Applecare for my 27" iMac. Have had this machine for around 5 months and all of a sudden i have noticed a Black Smudge on the lower right side of the screen. I have seen a lot worse on the iMac forum however it is something which constantly annoys me and something i cannot live with. They will be calling me either tonight or tomorrow which is awesome.

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  • SeanZy
    Mar 16, 08:36 AM
    Wait are you inside?!?!?! I got here about 5:30 and I couldn't get in. Outside Red Robin.

    Good luck with getting one today, my friend is there again second in line I guess. Would have been there if I didnt have class this morning

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  • japanime
    Apr 14, 06:38 AM
    iPad running Mac OS 9! Just what I always wanted!

    About a week ago, I fired up an old PowerBook 2400 on which OS 9 is installed. (Needed to remove some pictures from a really old digital camera that uses pre-OSX software). It was the first time I'd used OS9 in several years.

    Anyway, after getting the photos off the camera, for kicks I fired up a web browser and a few other apps. I was pretty impressed at how speedy some of the things were running, even on PowerBook that is now 14 years old!


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  • Psilocybin
    Apr 19, 07:47 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I had to finally register to comment on the hypocrisy in this and many other threads like it. Because some people want frame rates for gaming on an MBA, then your needs for GPU performance are valid, and others who don't game but could use CPU performance have invalid needs? Rubbish.

    A perfect example is the above. So the C2D rates as a 100/100 for CPU performance and thus any improvement is useless? Really?! Nice to see that you framed the argument such that any improvement you don't see as needed is useless.

    On Sunday I combined 6 or 8 short 720p video clips into a 7 minute video for YouTube with a simple title screen and transitions. It took the C2D ~40 minutes to process the video and save in a new format. So you're really going to argue that there is nothing to be gained from a significant bump in processor speed?

    For me and many other potential MBA purchasers, a CPU bump from the media processing abilities of the Core i processors would be welcome, and GPU performance over and above the ability to play real-time HD video is useless. We shouldn't be saddled with an out-of-date processor or forced to subsidize "unnecessary" frame rate performance just to appease game-players. And that perspective is as valid as yours.


    CPU and GPU are both important. There is one critical difference between CPU and GPU though and thats this:

    A user can usually wait on on the CPU with no impact other than the fact that they had to wait. Using your example. You waited 40 minutes. A CPU that that was twice as fast might have reduced your wait to 25 minutes. A CPU that was half a fast would have increased your wait time to maybe 75 minutes. The only consequence of CPU speed is time in general. There is rarely a difference in the final product.

    GPU is different, GPU is often used to perform realtime calculations (Game or movie frames). Because the frames are related to a specific point in time, a difference is GPU performance can make the difference between usable and unusable. For that reason, people that like, want or need GPU performance tend to be focal.

    In my experience, poor GPU performance bugs me more than poor CPU performance. You can't just wait for the GPU to get done, like you can with a CPU. There does have to be a balance though.

    Well said

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  • MultiMediaWill
    May 1, 11:08 PM
    My thoughts on Osama: He must have registered his real address on PSN.


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  • KindredMAC
    Jul 24, 07:45 PM
    awesome news that they are going with a different sendor for tracking!!!!!

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  • Sonny1
    Mar 31, 01:24 PM
    Look for iCal[/url][/QUOTE]

    Well, another loser in appearance. What is wrong with a simple calendar? Does everyone have to now deal with an electronic appointment book? Does Apple see a future so iPadded that laptops and desktops will vanish from the face of the earth?

    Just as Apple decreed that all screens must now be glossy, this speeding the deterioration of eyesight, we now must deal with fake appointment books? I'm waiting for strike three, whatever they'll unthink of next.

    I no longer use the meMobile calendar. I no longer buy Apple monitors or glossy-screened laptops. I have retrograded to the Mini and will stay with them, until Apple starts making only brown Minis. Or makes it impossible for any Apple device to attach to anything but an Apple monitor/screen.

    I really like and appreciate OS X; I'm also apprehensive of how Apple will manage to screw that up.


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  • inaka
    May 4, 07:48 PM
    And what will you do if Apple releases iPhone in, say, seven colors?
    LOL, I'll pick the best color of course! :D

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  • oldwatery
    Oct 18, 04:34 PM
    Nice results especially as the street was forcasting around 50cents.

    �Looking forward, 2007 is likely to be one of the most exciting new product years in Apple�s history.�

    Oh yeh! I can't wait.:D


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  • petemitchell2k4
    Oct 24, 08:23 AM
    Those who bought their Computer in August should be happy with what they got since that was what was the best available at the time. And what are you talking about not in the forecast? The previous revision was here for just over 6 months. From April 2006 to October 2006. How long do you want Apple to go with out updates?

    The processor upgrades, not the OS upgrades.

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  • Matt-M
    Apr 28, 04:36 PM
    That ones not really too accurate due to the camera angle...its on a slope.

    It was on a slope. I used a guide line in Photoshop and rotated the original photo 0.9 degrees CCW to remove the slope. Check my photo vs. the original.


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  • BenRoethig
    Jul 22, 09:45 AM
    50%? Did you forget how much Macs cost? One of the main reasons Dell has such a huge market share is because they are so cost effective and come with great bundles aimed at the average person. 50% of computer users could never afford a Mac.

    He also assumes that everyone else thinks like mac users.

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  • KnightWRX
    Dec 29, 11:13 AM
    Old news, she tries to maintain a 12k calorie diet/day. She's going for a record. She was all the rage last summer.

    Guilty or not guilty has nothing to do with eating right/wrong. Eat what you want, just make sure to keep your calorie absorption within limits (metabolism + physical activity) and you'll keep an healthy weight. There's nothing wrong with sugar/fat/alcohol and other non-"good for you!" foods and ingredients, it's just that these tend to be much more calorie dense and thus are much less filling per calorie eaten, so you end up ingesting much more to get that "full" feeling you should never get anyhow (if you fell stuffed, you over-ate).

    It's all about quantity. I baked a cake and made some very delicious gingerbread cookies for christmas. I ate 2 types of "tourtieres" + turkey + deserts + tons of appetizers at the christmas diner. I didn't gain a single a pound.


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  • daveschroeder
    Oct 23, 09:24 AM
    Someone correct me if i am wrong here but what this means is that if a mac user wants to install windows in bootcamp and parallels he is going to have to get the business or premium edition??

    Boot Camp is not virtualization, by any definition. (And no, there's no way Microsoft or anyone else could argue that it is.)

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  • randyharris
    Jul 10, 04:08 PM
    1. Pages 2 does have an auto-correct feature. It's in preferences.

    A major functional snafu is that you can't add auto-correction data from the GUI of Pages, you have to go into the preferences. In Word you are able to right click on your red squiggly word, and you can set a default auto correct right there from the Contextual menu. NeoOffice has the same function. This is sorely lacking from Pages.



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  • Cheerwino
    Apr 14, 09:11 AM
    So guys, I'm already queuing up for my ix.Mac.MarketingName. I think I'm the first! Tent and camping gear ready.

    Will you get AppleCare on it?

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  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 28, 12:35 PM
    Quick, somebody make up some rumors for the man. ;)

    Heard from an analyst who knows a reputable source that ios 5 will be released next Tuesday.

    The date makes sense since it coincides with the 3rd of the month, which is also a prime number.

    For now the ios has the code name: ios5 as insiders confirm.

    Apple is close lipped as usual, but we hear 3 engineers who were asked: "What's new?" gave each other
    high 5's in public and were thus arrested for releasing company secrets.

    Verizon will have this ios too and it comes in white

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  • 63dot
    Mar 2, 11:01 AM
    Well, his kids have been taken out of his custody. Wonder what's next?


    That's a trip, and it's so sad. However, I think it's best for the kids. With experts seeming to rule out mental illness (which probably doesn't just come on), there seems to be a very strong appearance that he's on drugs.

    The thing is I don't know how he allegedly passed a drug test. The guy rants and raves like either a very late stage alcoholic and/or a person on hard drugs. He has openly admitted to lots of drinking and drug use so it's not a stretch to think he's still using and it's a good reason to take the kids away. But more than feeling sorry for him, I really feel sorry for all those who he had hurt.

    Oct 24, 08:39 AM
    What about MACBOOKS?!
    could be a few months.. January/Febuary.. Maybe Or earlier who knows.. maybe next week maybe tomorrow.. maybe I put to many maybes in this post..

    Apr 28, 03:38 PM
    How am i a geek. I need to be able to keep files on my phone like word docs that I can access at any computer. I prefer a Full keyboard and T-mo sucks many people have these same wants and needs out of a smart phone.

    First of all, you can do that on an iPhone already. There are any number of ways to do that. Full keyboard? Yeah, tons of people want those... that's why they're selling so well!

    Sep 19, 12:10 PM

    Everything we need is there. Just way over my head.

    i see a lot of thread titles with the word "problem" in there

    Oct 22, 12:57 PM
    A trip to Mont Tremblant.

    Went there in june with the GF for kayaking and mountain biking and it is very beautiful!

    Jul 29, 01:22 PM
    I will give the microsoft zune a chance. But keep mind microsoft was created as a by-product of apple. I haven't had the best experience with mircosoft. Sooo I'm just curious.

    Me too, I am curious. To see if it sucks.

    If it is anything like the Gigabeat, it will suck ass.

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