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  • Mord
    Apr 25, 03:15 AM
    While no one deserving to be rape or rob no matter what they are doing/ wearing and the person who did said things should be punished to the full extent of the law it does not remove a factor that some people do a very poor job and managing their risk profil.

    We can not control how others will act but we can control our risk profile and our behavior.
    Examples of managing our risk profile is saying out of bad parts of town if possible and avoid it at night. Girls avoiding wearing clothing that gets them to be a target and travel in well lite places and have a male escort.

    It is about managing the risk profile. Now if someone gets raped I am not going to blame the victim but people should try to avoid being an easy target because even though legally and morally you are complete in the write still does not remove the fact that you have to live with the results of what was done to you.

    Think about this. Lets say you get in an auto accident and T-Bone some dumb ass who ran a red light and nothing you could really do to avoid it and sad dumb ass is killed. Even though you could not do anything to avoid it you still have to live with that guilt that you killed another human being and many people that is really hard on them even though there was nothing they could of done to avoid it.

    You're well meaning Rodimus so I'll tone down my response. Do you not think it's a little misogynistic to suggest women stay under the protection of a man? I also don't think that clothing even makes all that much difference as a rapist would typically forcibly remove it anyway. I've been the victim of a few sexual assaults in the past and I wasn't dressed particularly noteworthily at the time. Though every time I go out clubbing I don't really wear much at all, yet have never had trouble walking back through leeds at 5AM.

    If I wished to take every precaution against such things happening again it would utterly devastate my social life, where do you draw the line? Personally I'd rater be an occasional victim of unwanted attention than a constant victim of my own fear.

    I do though take your point, but only upon the condition that victim blaming is utterly unacceptable in any form and that encouraging people take such precautions should never ever mean that we should stop every effort to bring such people to justice and make every effort to stop these things from happening.

    I would beat the hell out of any dude that was in the same bathroom as my daughter.

    I'm curious as to what exactly you think any such person would do exactly? You ignoring your obvious prejudice here on a pragmatic level where on earth is the harm? They'll see your daughter wash her hands? Maybe touch up some makeup?

    If someone was set on molesting your daughter they'd do it, they wouldn't dress up as a woman to make their way into the female toilets to do so, they'd just do it. Besides, do you like beating up cleaners? Plenty of female loos have male attendees.

    If you don't have a daughter, then you don't have a clue.
    I have seen some transgenders, and I have nothing to say to them.

    So, you've seen some people who fall under the very broad category of "transgender", a category that includes various people who dress as female who don't and quite rightly don't use the female loos and thus you feel entitled to judge them all out of hand, and you're not going to admit that this is anything but prejudiced bigotry. Because you've "seen some"

    I'd bet you've also seen and talked to a couple too just without knowing it. I know I have over the years only to find out later on. One of the great PR issues for transgender people is that whenever they start to blend with regular society they become invisible, though I guess with people like you around it's more of a blessing than an issue.

    the fact is nobody knows the facts ... it could have been a Man trying to disguise himself as a Woman to gain access to the Woman's washroom.

    maybe he was not a transgender and was a threat to young girls in the bathroom.

    I don't think anybody has all the facts ... he was hardly beaten to the point where this thread is labeled "almost killed"

    Not that I accept that surgery even matters but how do you expect to tell exactly? A mandatory full body scanner before entering? I'm going to refer you to my earlier question, where's the harm?

    Why on earth would a potential rapist bother "disguising" himself as a woman? I challenge you to cite a single case where this has actually occurred.

    If he still has "parts" down there ... he belongs in the Men's washroom

    Her parts are none of your business, or anyone's really.

    IMO the Men's washroom ... until he finishes with the transformation ... he is still just a cross dresser

    Ignoring the fact that she by her own omission has finished with it, even if she had not she would not be a crossdresser. There's more to sex and gender than an inny or an outy.

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  • Kobekes
    Dec 5, 06:38 AM

    Saeco Odea Giro Grey (new edition) (http://www.saeco.ca/en/products/products/1/automatic/0/odea-giro/2/odea-giro.html)


    Diemme Oro (http://nextdaycoffee.co.uk/Caffe-Diemme/560-Caffe-Diemme-Oro-Coffee-Beans-1kg.html)

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  • boncellis
    Jul 11, 06:58 PM
    ...I think DRM will kill the Argo as well.


    It always comes down to content and DRM. When you think about it, the PSP could (perhaps should) have been the coolest thing since sliced bread with all its features and even movies and Sony's music service tailor-made for it. So what happened? Sony's atrocious proprietary scheme has made it a shell of what it could have been. I have a feeling MS hasn't learned any lessons since the "Works for Sure" campaign became something of a running joke.

    Wasn't the Origami supposed to be an iPod killer?

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  • CommodityFetish
    Jul 10, 10:18 AM
    This is good news. Not sure if it will be able to convert me away from Mellel, which has been a fabulous word processor for me for what I need...


    But glad to see the progress for Apple.


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  • Yvan256
    Apr 30, 11:57 AM
    add to that AAC is not exactly a free. It has licencing cost to it. Mp3 is complete free and open.

    Both AAC (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Audio_Coding#Licensing_and_patents) and MP3 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MP3#Licensing_and_patent_issues) have licensing fees. It's also a complete mess on the MP3 licensing side.

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  • ForzaJuve
    Apr 26, 12:03 PM
    Yes, that's great, but I am surprised it's already noon and there have been no articles about who is suing who yet.


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  • littleman23408
    Sep 17, 04:21 PM
    Blink 182 - Blink 182
    First Pressing Pink/Green Swirl 1/500
    Lazer Etched D side

    I want!!!!!!:)

    Oooh! Nice! Well done!

    Oh dear, nevermind;)

    haha, that made me laugh pretty good. Cosmo's factory turned out to be better than i thought it would be. I have Green River and prefer Cosmo's Factory over it.

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  • MTD's Mac
    Apr 25, 12:23 PM
    Any thoughts on peripherals? I know new keyboards/mice/trackpads sometimes accompany an iMac refresh. Maybe we'll see the trackpad come standard now, in anticipation of Lion's new multitouch gestures. Any of you backlit-keyboard dreamers out there hopeful? (Personally I'd just like to see a wireless, non-backlit keyboard with black keys, to match the notebook keyboards.)


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  • leekohler
    Mar 8, 02:14 PM
    You're quite welcome.

    I love Maher, but most lame comedy ever? What about Me and the Chimp, It's About Time, Captain Nice, The Lucy Show, Family Matters, Webster, and Glenn Beck?

    I would like to see them pull off a change of actor for once, without changing the character. I think it's an insult to the audience's intelligence that networks think we can't accept someone else in the role. They always go for the knee-jerk reaction, which is to kill off the character. Give us some credit, and a chance for another actor to make the role his own. It's not like it's unheard of. How many James Bonds have there been??

    They did it with Darren on Bewitched too.

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  • NT1440
    May 1, 11:43 PM
    Osama is dead, so what? The U.S needed him alive.

    Actually this works out great for our PR. When he was alive he was a very powerful image to conjure up support for the ongoing wars, a great emotional appeal. Now that he's dead he can be trotted as an example of how we are winning and need to stay the course regardless of facts, reasoning, or actual reasons for getting our military into the Middle East again.


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  • Actarus
    May 4, 01:33 AM
    Safe to say at this point we will have to wait. Man, I had that upgrade waiting. But then again, what's another three months to wait from the usual release date?

    3 months... Or more, we don't know, that's the problem. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S2, an outstanding phone(reviews say), will be in the market. Apple, wake up.

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  • applefan69
    Mar 31, 12:22 PM
    The rest of the design is not so bad but I wish Apple would get over the urge to make things look like their physical incarnations. I know there is a name for this but it escapes me at the moment.


    Apple is trying make the real world and computer world look synonymous. It makes sense to me. You guys cant tell me a color HONESTLY bothers you that much???


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  • 0815
    Apr 26, 12:22 PM
    You wouldn't consider paying $20 per YEAR?

    I'm amazed how people always expect to get everything for free ... they want to have the best of the best without paying anything because the think they just 'deserve' it ...

    Hell, why would you assume they are not charging for it?

    The usual pattern is to get some small teaser for free (either time limited or small storage amount) to get you hooked and when you like it you pay for it. [Just like I got hooked on the free dropbox and now pay for the 100GB plan because I love it so much]

    And seriously: $20/year is almost free.

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  • playaj82
    Jul 27, 01:18 PM
    Trademarks must be able to be shown to be in use to be defensible. You cannot simply trademark any name or phrase you want. You have to demonstrate the current or intended future use of the name or phrase.

    With regards to "doPod", Apple doesn't need to trademark that, as they could argue that the name of a device that was called a doPod was too similar to their, already trademarked, device called "iPod".

    You can file an anticipatory mark. The key is intent to use. For instance, I've developed a product and want to start marketing it, i.e. Zune. I file my mark with the PTO before the product has ever actually entered the stream of commerce. Now getting "real" protection from infringers would require you have used it in commerce rather than intended to use it in commerce. But the PTO doesn't handle infringement, they primarily handle validity.

    If I don't use it, oh well, the next person who comes along and uses the mark with their product gets to argue that I never used it in commerce. My point is that the little guy who comes along and uses the mark is better off coming up with something else rather than getting into any legal dispute with a company the size of Apple.


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  • Zephi
    Oct 23, 11:30 AM

    What is this thing?

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  • Bathplug
    Apr 14, 02:27 PM
    I just updated mine and there is a noticeable difference in speed with this update. It is much faster in opening applications and text messages.

    Lies, someone always says this with every update. The animations are still often laggy.


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  • nies
    Apr 26, 07:48 PM
    Yes I understand now

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  • dXTC
    Feb 16, 07:16 AM
    Did anyone catch the Chuck Lorre Productions "vanity card" at the very end of this week's episode? I usually don't pay attention to the show, but I do watch Mike & Molly right afterward. I briefly saw Charlie Sheen's name on it, and had my wife rewind and pause it on the DVR.

    In it, Chuck Lorre did a little joke at the whole situation, something along the lines of "I don't drink or smoke, I eat right, I exercise....", and at the very end, "If Charlie Sheen outlives me, I'm going to be really pissed."

    Quite possibly the first time I ROFL'd at that show.

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  • louis Fashion
    Apr 22, 05:20 PM
    I don't see them enlarging the screen by a mere .2" it seems illogical to me. Plus the mock up really sucks lol surely Apple would come up with something much more appealing then this. My money is on the iPhone 5 to be nearly identical to the iPhone 4 except with better insides :)

    AGREE! This may be iPhone 6 or 7. Like other posts (above) I wonder how this would feel in the hand?

    Oct 22, 01:10 AM

    This (http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Manhattan-Office-Espresso-High-back-Chair/4015748/product.html?rcmndsrc=2):


    This (http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Manhattan-Espresso-Office-Chair/3097391/product.html?rcmndsrc=2):

    Which one is better?
    Nothing else really.

    I bought the same chair from the officechairstation.com for under $200. It should be here tomorrow. Also bought an iPad 32GB. Should be here next week. I think I'm good for my wishlist for now.

    Edit: I stand corrected. Just played with the Magic Trackpad. Now I want one. Going to pick one up within a week or two.

    Jul 10, 12:22 PM
    Really? I love the whole Inspector idea and the side toolbar in Word type thing.

    Well, I guess these kinds of things are preferential. Perhaps I'm more used to Micro$oft Office toolbars.

    Anyhow, I find myself using Pages more often. I'll just tell my boss to buy a Mac Mini if he wants to read my documents. :D

    If Apple does come out with a spreadsheet, it better be more usable than what one can get currently on Pages. One major omission is that one cannot create a graph directly from a table (you have to 'cut and paste').

    Nov 26, 08:01 AM
    The GeForce 9800 will work from what I have seen, thy this thread for more info. (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=461892) and here (http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1322096) google "gpu folding" to find all kinds of info

    Let us know how it goes if you do get one to try.

    thanks for the reply and links. i'm not sure if the 9800GT is the route i'll go. but if i could run 2 of those, i'd probably get better ppd than just the smp on my mac pro. i might even try a better card if it'll work

    Aug 15, 11:05 AM
    More important than an "empty" button I would like to see a restore function in the Trash, where you can highlight one or more files or folders and click the "restore" button.

    Ahem... Time Machine!

    Doc didnt spend all that time inventing the flux capacitor for nothing you know :D

    Don't panic
    Apr 29, 10:40 AM
    good bye Annie, see you at the club next MRlife.

    any news of Aggie? are you ok?

    so is eldiablo plainly getting rid of all his 'enemies'? is he being framed? is he building an "I am being framed" defense?

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