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  • iFiend
    May 4, 12:41 PM
    A sales rep reply is now how low the credibility standards have fallen?
    While you are collecting more hard data like this, I'll be prepping my Black card for the purchase of a pair of new iPhone 5s in June.

    Awesome card-name-dropping, dude. I am so impressed :rolleyes:

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  • Katie Couric Feet

  • supremedesigner
    Jul 30, 08:07 PM
    Different topic: Saw dell.com new "interim" website and it have poorly html function. Bah!

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  • Shes proud of her legs.

  • mrial
    Apr 14, 05:45 PM
    I have the iPad 2 running 4.3.1 and I have no such setting available.

    You have to activate it using XCode 3 or better ... here's how:


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  • It#39;s Katie Couric as we rarely

  • AidenShaw
    Apr 26, 03:42 PM
    Look, you made a claim that TB seemed like an evolution of Fiber channel. I use Fiber channel day in and out on everyone of my servers.

    Your arguments would be stronger if you spelled it correctly - "Fibre Channel" ;)

    ...the bottom line is that TB is a great deal faster than even an eSATA connection.

    While "great deal faster" is fuzzy language open to interpretation, IMO I don't consider 10 Gbps TBolt to be a "great deal faster" than 6 Gbps SATA. TBolt can't handle two SATA connections at full bandwidth - that's not a "great deal faster" in my opinion.

    When it was called "Light Peak", the technology had a lot of promise. Now that it's been downgraded to daisy-chained copper - it's only a little bit better than USB 3.0. Except that we can buy USB 3.0 devices, it's still "in the future" for TBolt devices.


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  • Katie Couric#39;s arms, legs

  • SchneiderMan
    Sep 13, 09:25 PM
    Do you ever leave your basement? How will you know if it is a hit? :p

    Iv'e got good taste.

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  • Katie Couric feet pictures,

  • MacTheSpoon
    Nov 11, 12:43 PM
    just goes to show people still want to be able to see flash on their iphones reguardless of how bloated

    Yeah, if people had an option to download a real Flash player for their iPhones, it would be one of the most highly downloaded apps in the App Store.


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  • Katie Couric Leg Pics: Katie

  • dXTC
    Dec 30, 07:13 AM
    How could he move her when he probably broke his back during sex?

    Creative positioning + bed with a good bit of "give", e.g. Memory Foam = enjoyment without that "crushing" feeling. This has served me well, and that's the best way I can explain it without going into TMI territory.

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  • bbplayer5
    Apr 28, 12:56 PM
    Android doesnt really cater to the female population unless they are tech nerds. Apple caters to anyone that doesnt care about manipulating your phone. Im actually kinda shocked android has more devices using its OS than Apple does. Most people like simplicity. For me though, android is the way to go. iOS got stale a long time ago.


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  • Katie Couric Leg Pics: katie

  • BryanBensing
    Apr 26, 12:20 PM
    No thank you. Rather have my music locally.....

    katie couric legs pictures. Katie Couric#39;s Liberal Views
  • Katie Couric#39;s Liberal Views

  • Ridley
    Apr 17, 10:25 PM
    It was a video released on 4/8/2011.
    I cant link it since CNET doesnt actually show URL for videos.
    Go to Cnet, Videos, Apple Byte, and it will be the second video on the list.

    Yea, I have been corrected in that, but the argument on GPU still stands.

    Awesome, thanks! Again, really hoping for the June release. I posted before that in my biased opinion, I think it makes a lot of sense to get a new Air in time for the college discount program (i reckon the college demographic is aware of Intel's core duo vs i5 / i7 marketing) especially since i'd imagine the the Air has much higher margins than MBPs.

    Regarding the graphics capabilities, you can't use the Samsung as a benchmark because of how differently OSX and Windows behave. I'd be really surprised if Apple didn't have some sort of trick, either hardware, or drivers to beat the current graphics capability at least on paper or some obscure benchmark. Even if they didn't, the amount of time you'd benefit from a better GPU over better CPU would be miniscule in almost all tasks like iLife programs, 99% of applications and even Photoshop (despite being gpu accelerated). If you are playing games... i might be able to see the argument.

    Though personally if I were really into games or encoding stuff with badda boom or cuda or something I wouldn't be interested in an Air. I know a lot of people still are it seems from these boards, that's fine, i'm just weighing my personal opinion on the matter and would MUCH prefer better CPU.


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  • Katie Couric#39;s Sexy Legs

  • Chris Bangle
    Jul 28, 08:21 AM
    at microsoft the name they had to choose from were probably ipod killer or zune, and someone obviously chose zune....... what an idiot. it like fords new s-max which is reffered to as smack eg smacking ure kids...

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  • Surely
    Mar 8, 09:23 AM
    I can't believe people watch this show. I tried watching it to see what the fuss is all about.....it seems like such a formulaic cheesy sitcom.

    I love Bill Maher's take on the whole thing:



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  • Would a desk really improve

  • maclaptop
    Apr 13, 06:45 PM
    It's all rather moot till they get authentic to the standard, and use Fiber Optics!

    Substituting old fashioned wire is so misleading.

    A bit faster yes, but nothing like Fiber.

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  • Yankee617
    Apr 22, 10:44 AM
    Give us a 4.3" screen so the phone would have to be somewhat bigger - big enough to support two chips for 3G and 4G.

    LTE will arrive first on iPad 3 in Spring 2012. Plenty of room inside with a 10" screen.


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  • Katie Couric Legs vs Katie

  • kiljoy616
    Apr 12, 09:32 AM
    Breaking news, iPhone 5 to come out within the next 10 years :rolleyes:

    You mean iPhone 15 right? ;) A chip in every brain :D

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  • Troll
    Apr 25, 02:35 PM
    Did 9to5 Mac get this from the MacRumors forums? I think so: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1142610

    Lol. Rumors based on rumors based on rumors. Solid journalism, if I've ever seen it. :rolleyes:


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  • Katie Couric at the United

  • Applespider
    Aug 15, 03:11 PM
    Purchase spare battery? Nice Apple nice. :rolleyes:

    Wasn't there a 'purchase printer ink' in Tiger somewhere? I don't have a printer at home so can't check... but pretty sure I remember us having the 'OS as a shop' discussion a couple of years ago.

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  • Katie Couric Leg Pics: .

  • ChazUK
    May 1, 05:55 AM
    No, you're right -- this is something totally subjective (seriously, not being snarky here [for once ;-)] )

    I've just noticed that in every report I've read that has an "android slant", the phrase "smartphone OS" has been used. Whereas before, it seemed to be just "mobile OS".

    I'm the first to admit that I may be reading a bit into it here. Does look suspiciously like a conspiracy theory from the outside, I imagine.

    However, that doesn't change my opinion that the figure that really DOES matter is mobile platform OS share, not smartphone share. :-)

    No worries, i enjoy the discussions!

    Developers should shun every single report of Androids smartphone marketshare as the only thing they should worry about is total os instal base, anything else shouldn't matter to them!

    (The smart phone os market share figure is used by a lot of pro Android sites as chest thumping material I will say) :)

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  • with Katie Couric.

  • silentnite
    Apr 23, 10:44 AM
    There is a phone for everyone, apple may not make it. That does not mean this is the end for you. If you can't wait find another means. Simple fix!

    Apr 26, 12:10 PM
    I just hope they charge enough so that they make a big profit so that they can continue the service.

    Apr 22, 04:52 PM
    No thanks.

    4.0 max whilst retaining current size. It's a phone not a tablet.
    This is unique to a large number of Apple users that must have small hands.

    My 4.3" HTC incredible is only 4mm wider than iPhone .

    25.4mm = 1.0" so how can a measly 4mm be such a big deal?

    Apr 25, 07:49 PM
    With thunderbolt you can use an adapter for USB 3.0. That is, once they start putting them on the market.

    That is true. I was just thinking that if the new iMacs are gonna have USB at all, then they should be the fastest version. I'm not sure about this, but is the USB 3.0 plug the same as the USB 2.0 plug? I just think that it would be nice if these new machines would have the newest interfaces available. As far as Firewire is concerned, I have an external hard drive that uses FW 800. I am hoping that the new thunderbolt does not do away with FW all together. I know that the new MBP's actually have both. I hope the new iMac's do too.

    May 4, 12:07 AM
    In the end, the reason why the iPhone 5 won't come out until this fall comes down to the this: the Great East Japan Earthquake that seriously affected the high-tech companies in the Sendai area.

    Because so many high-precision computer parts are made in the Sendai region, this has interrupted production of the iPad 2 (despite Apple's claims, in my humble opinion!) and also has made it harder for Apple to obtain the components for the upcoming iPhone 5.

    As such, Apple is using the delay to do two, possibly three things:

    1. Give more time for the iOS programming team to polish and get ready iOS 5.0, which may have a major interface revamp. (likely already done)

    2. Gives time for the iPhone hardware engineers to incorporate the near-field communications (NFC) functionality for phone-based payment systems, including full compatibility with the Sony FeliCa system that is widely used in eastern Asia. (now likely to be done with the extra time afforded by a fall release of the iPhone 5).

    3. Gives time for the iPhone hardware engineers to full incorporate the latest Broadcom or Qualcomm cellphone chipset so a single-design phone is fully GSM and CDMA compatible now and be ready for LTE by an update downloaded through iTunes. (likely already done)

    Jul 24, 10:02 PM
    sounds interesting, though i have a feeling many people will just ignore the feature and end up touching the screen anyway, lol.I think some of you have the wrong understanding of this 'non-touch' concept. You'll still be touching the screen. The purpose of the non-touch technology is to hide the scroll wheel (or any other controller) whenever it's not needed. But I think you'll still be touching the screen to actually activate the virtual buttons. That's my reading of it, anyways.

    Kinda takes away from that whole "Simplicity is everything" slogan Apple is known for, doesn't it? While I'll reserve my judgments on the design until it's worked into a final product, it does look like the user needs to take unnecessary steps to actually use the click wheel. Then again, pictures (drawings) probably can't do the interface justice.

    Still, not everything has to be digital over analog...I actually think this will be even more intuitive than other interfaces because the controls will be contextual. The buttons will automatically appear and disappear as you move your fingers over the iPod screen. The buttons themselves, I'm imagining, will maintain the look and feel of the trademark iPod scrollwheel. If you are smart enough to operate the current iPods, you'll be smart enough to use the touch-sensitive controls.

    BTW, wasn't this story already posted elsewhere a couple of days back? Shouldn't Macrumors be crediting the original publisher?

    edit: Appleinsider (http://www.appleinsider.com/article.php?id=1902) had this article last week. It goes into more detail too.

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