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justin timberlake and jessica biel engaged

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  • Branskins
    Apr 15, 02:44 PM
    You do know everyone who has a changelog is under NDA, don't you? Why don't you just go look at the change log?

    You know full well that not everyone who comes here is a developer and are running Lion through other means. I am sick of these posts over and over with people acting all high up and saying things like "Why don't you just go look at the change log?" or "Why don't you send the bug report to Apple" or "Why don't you just post it on Apple developer forums?". Each of these posters know full well what they are doing and it is annoying.

    MacRumors is for Mac enthusiasts and many of its members want access to previews/betas even without being a developer.

    How come no one is ever upset when MR posts information they shouldn't be on the homepage? I don't see people getting upset about them posting change logs when they become available.


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  • caspersoong
    Apr 29, 03:26 AM
    This is what happens with Steve on leave. Perfectionalism is getting reduced.

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  • djsound
    Apr 14, 12:03 AM
    Apple has it all down to a science. They probably have algorithm's for getting the most possible money out of you.....if you don't see this your blind...Wait for something that actually makes a difference...not just a different color. As if they ever intended to release the white iphone at the same time as the black one hahahaha :rolleyes:

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  • FoxMcCloud
    Apr 11, 03:24 PM
    Sadly the ThunderBolt name ain't unique.

    Intel really should have tried harder




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  • TwinCities Dan
    Jan 25, 09:30 PM
    I want to see the whole setup.

    Don't tempt me! I just blew $100 at the hobby store on a whim. I'm not sure I want to be the guy with the "Train Palace" in his basement just yet... :p :o

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 26, 12:14 PM
    Just ruined my freakin day. I was really hoping it would be an added benefit instead of a paid feature.

    this is APPLE we are talking about. nothing is free and nothing is cheap.


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  • scottlinux
    Oct 23, 02:10 PM
    How would an operating system KNOW it is being run in virtualization? It cannot determine the difference from a real computer. We are talking about Vista like it is an artificial intelligence of some kind.

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  • macman312
    Apr 12, 07:11 PM
    While this is possible I don't think it will be true. Firstly Apple is one to keep to traditions and ever since 2007 the release/announcement a new iphone in june/july and a new ipod range in september. So apple please keep to your traditions of ANNOUNCING a new iphone you don't have to release it till JUly/september but just so the teleco companies can prepare and get a list of people who would like one please announce it at the WWDC :apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::D:D:D:D:cool::cool::D:D:apple::apple :


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  • yg17
    Apr 30, 09:55 AM
    The Xbox360 is only one year newer then you car, so it is not that much newer... The same for PSP too.. the first portable digital audio player to play MP3 was 1998. MP3 1995-96. AAC was 1997...

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  • Dont Hurt Me
    Oct 18, 07:29 PM
    Step 1: Buy Mac mini.
    Step 2: Repeat mantra "Mac mini is the new Cube, and I don't care about the integrated graphics" 5000 times.
    Step 3: Enjoy!
    Allready have a Mini but Im going to stick with this chant ,Apple will build a consumer tower, Apple will Build a Consumer Tower,APPLE WILL BUILD A CONSUMER TOWER!:)


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  • KingCrimson
    Apr 23, 01:05 PM
    another unhappy marriage, can't we all just play nice.

    Since when do global mega-corporations every play nice. Dude, it's us against them. Maybe you just found that out.

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  • G4DP
    Mar 31, 03:26 PM
    Team? OS X is actually developed by one guy in the boiler room who was actually fired years ago but still shows up to work... :rolleyes:

    Sad thing is by the way this seems to be an accurate description of OS X development.


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  • AaronEdwards
    Apr 28, 01:36 PM
    Not surprising...because it sells for $49?

    If I were in the market for a smartphone and could choose a $49 iPhone 3GS vs. a $199+ iPhone 4 vs. a $199+ Android...I would very very seriously consider the 3GS since it is AT LEAST 4x cheaper...and in reality, does 99% of the iPhone 4 (I have the 3GS and as far as I can tell the 4 simply added Facetime and a front camera for facetime use).

    That's pretty faulty math there. In reality, it's not 4x cheaper.
    Pick AT&T:s cheapest plan, and you would pay $1369 for the 3GS and plan, for a 4 you would pay $1520 for the phone and plan. So you pay 90% of the cost of a 4 with plan and you'll only get an 3GS, a phone that's already passed by the 4, and will shortly be passed by 4S or 5.

    I can't understand anyone who would consider buying a 3GS instead of a 4.
    If you're unable to pay another $150 to get a 4, then you probably should wait until 5 or 4S arrives, or just start saving money.

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  • sigamy
    Jul 25, 08:26 AM
    I've wanted hyperlinks and a touch screen on the iPod since forever. Many times I do "shuffle songs", then it lands on an artist or album that I'd like to hear more of. It would be great to be able to click on the artist name or the album and then jump right there.


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  • bucho
    Nov 3, 09:14 AM
    Where's my email? :(

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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 24, 10:48 PM
    This sucks. The iPhone will come out later than expected, and no LTE. What are they doing?


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  • spooky2k
    Apr 15, 01:18 PM
    I'm really liking how Apple are putting these dev previews and updates out (no physical disks and such).

    I wonder what's different in this one? Release log anyone?

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  • Project
    Oct 19, 02:14 AM
    How has Apple NOT innovated on the Mac line up?

    - Completely redesigned and absolutely beautiful architecture on the insides of the Mac Pro
    - MagSafe
    - 24" all in one machine
    - Front Row/apple Remote/iSight in every "portable" Mac
    - Two finger right clicking on trackpad

    All of this in the year of a move to a new platform.

    The REAL innovations though, will occur in the second generation of Intel products. THe most important thing was to make a swift but calm switchover to ensure nobody got nervous over the move. Now we are here, 2007 will be sick.

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  • CarlHeanerd
    Apr 28, 10:47 PM
    What can I say? White is phat...

    Jan 30, 01:01 PM
    Open your eyes to the world and wake up - do some research beyond Fox News!

    Save your liberal banter, chicken little.

    Oct 24, 08:32 AM
    I think he means that the wireless card in the new MBP may be the same as in the new iMac, which is apparently 802.11n draft compliant
    But if its not is there anyway you could upgrade to a 802.11n wireless card when it comes out in 2008? Like take it took an apple store and pay �100 or something..

    Apr 11, 02:20 PM
    The people who continually repeat, "There are no Thunderbolt devices" will be crushed, I'm sure. :D

    Doctor Q
    Apr 28, 06:15 PM
    This whole debate is a clever conspiracy by Apple, trying to get us each to buy two iPhones just so we can line them up. Come to think of it, I did buy two iPhones so their plan is working!

    Jul 11, 02:29 PM
    Steve already knew this was going to happen. They're ready. I don't think it's possible to have an iPod killer anyways. The iPod is all about appeal for many, not necessarily the features.

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