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spiderman 3 game cover

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  • Eduardo1971
    Apr 14, 12:46 PM

    666MB for AT&T iPhone 4.

    Of course it would be 666mb for AT&T...


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  • BornAgainMac
    Mar 31, 01:21 PM
    Microsoft Bob. No wait.... Apple Steve.

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  • cantthinkofone
    Apr 24, 01:20 PM
    By some other aspect of her character I guess.

    It is a dumb question (sorry). Female toilets only have stalls, so the victim's surgical status is moot.

    Well....Unless something along the lines of "I can't wait to have this thing removed" was said...Just sayin' :p

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  • LarryC
    Apr 25, 04:23 PM
    Think iPad 2 with the "L" shape stand as the new iMac. Ditch the Optical Drive, not needed anymore considering its takes up space and is hardly ever used by the majority. :)

    I may not be in the majority, but I use mine a great deal.


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  • Macinthetosh
    Apr 22, 04:36 PM
    Why? I loved my iPhone 4 (before I lost it) but my 3GS is far easier to hold.

    I still prefer the iPhone4 design aesthetically, but the reason is the awesomeness of the exterior metallic antenna look, rather than the rectangular block shape. Although, a teardrop design would mean the loss of the external antenna, which would be disappointing from an aesthetic point of view, but something I could live with.

    By "teardrop," I am referring to the tapered look from top to bottom when viewed from a side-profile. I like the rounded edges of the original iPhone and slight hump on the back of the 3G because those are symmetrical (they are also nicer to hold than the iPhone 4).

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  • daneoni
    May 1, 11:27 PM
    The whole operation sounds like something the fictional Clark and Chavez leading a very small Rainbow Six unit from a Tom Clancy novel would do. :)

    lol so true. More supposed info leaking out...

    This was a helicopter raid conducted by a small team of special forces. There were allegedly ISI personnel on the ground with our special forces. Zadari was contacted to give safe transit of the helicopter team.


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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 15, 01:12 PM
    Do you notice the bug?

    So you're assuming that Apple are merging both stores into 1 and that developers have had time to implement universal binaries that run on 2 different frameworks and submitted the result to the app store ?

    This is obviously a bug, but it's not what you think it is. ;)

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  • GyroFX
    May 3, 08:30 AM
    good to see the high end iMac has a more respectable GPU this time. thunder bolt this, thunder bolt that. If I got it, I probably won't put it to use for a long while. My 2010 i5 Quad is still kickin' speedily so I'll just wait for another 2 years till there's a freshly designed iMac. I'm most impressed with the GPU upgrade this time around. 256bit/1 or 2 gig DDR5. That's pretty sweet.


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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 12, 11:11 AM

    That doesn't say anything remotely similar to "envisioned by apple." either. In fact, from your own article, try this link :


    Let's not give a bigger role to Apple than the one they played.

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  • macEfan
    Oct 19, 08:35 PM
    I knew I should have bought apple stock years ago....:D


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  • tny
    Dec 1, 07:59 PM
    No, that is not Adware. Adware is a program that is installed *on your computer*, so it can launch windows whenever it wants.

    I think he's saying that LimeWire is opening the popups when no browser window is open. That's not "adware" in the sense in which we're talking about, which is a hidden background program that opens browser windows randomly no matter what application you're running.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 14, 07:06 PM
    You really are hopeless! If you can't even figure out a hot link to a source article your opinions are worthless. Go away. Now.

    Look, you made a claim that TB seemed like an evolution of Fiber channel. I use Fiber channel day in and out on everyone of my servers. All our storage infrastructure is built off Brocade/HP equipment using a Fiber channel SAN.

    If you think my opinion is worthless when I say TB has nothing to do with Fiber Channel, I don't know what to say. Your link does not even begin to explain your comment.

    You essentially just claimed USB 3 was a replacement for Gigabit Ethernet. One is a host based interconnect, the other is a networking protocol.

    But you're right, I'm probably the one being short-sighted here and not seeing the Apple magic at work.


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  • morespce54
    Jul 26, 09:15 AM
    so would this be incorporated into the upcoming iPod, or the "next" update to the iPod?

    obviously in the next iPod (machine not sw) :(

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  • Mike Teezie
    May 1, 10:50 PM
    Image (http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lkjsa0vvlq1qzu2tdo1_400.gif)

    That is awesome.


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  • MacU
    Sep 30, 12:11 PM
    Having worked very closely with the head engineers of AT&T, I do feel sorry for them. As someone stated earlier, that are spending billions to upgrade the network, but all that money will only meet current demand in some areas. The iPhone is such an incredible success that AT&T never had a chance. The same would be said about Verizon had they got the exclusive contract. If you want to lay the blame at anyones feet, it should be Apple. They should have made a CDMA version and split the load between the networks.

    That's actually a very intelegent point. I hate AT&T for their price gouging and service but I would bet we would've said the same about Verizon if they got the exclusivity too three years ago.

    The blame really is with Apple on this whole mess. Open up the rights to other carriers and give the customers the option between the big 3. At&t was an alienating decision.

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  • snebes
    Apr 15, 02:44 PM
    With the update notice officially stating When Lion ships this summer What are the chances the iMac refresh will happen at the same time? or will it be in the Fall instead?

    Stay positive!! iMacs should get an update soon with a free Lion upgrade. At least I hope.

    I think iMac overhaul is in the fall right after the back to school deals are over......

    Basically all systems besides MBA and MBP are overdue for an update. iMac and Mac Pro especially.


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  • commander.data
    May 3, 08:25 AM
    Did Canadian prices actually go down? The 27-inch: 3.1GHz is only $1999, when I think it was $2099 before the refresh.
    It'd be nice to have price parity with USD given the strength of our dollar. I think that's achieved in the new iMacs, but the MacBook Pros are still unadjusted.

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  • Funkatronic
    Sep 15, 01:33 AM
    Yeah, um, I really, really like Threadless. And Halo. Won't have to do laundry for a month straight now! :)

    Had to stock up on t-shirts when they had their $9 sale for 32 hours this past week!

    Holy mother of god!! A question though, do they charge shipping seperately for each tee, or if you have a giant-ass order does it get billed per box? (crate)

    I'm considering a mega tee order myself, but the international shipping rates are making me think twice.

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  • slffl
    Jul 21, 12:00 PM
    I'm still wondering what is good about this. I see it as a bad thing. More viruses, more crap shareware, lesser quality products.

    Sep 12, 07:59 PM
    I bought this, a 16 gig. I paid two day shipping and it should have been here friday but it looks like I won't get it until Mon or Tues :( So much for two day shipping :(

    Nov 23, 09:24 PM
    Something just happened in the stats, we got a big jump and many teams too. Yet I don't think this is the whole catch up as we still miss points as a team and I still miss a big unit...

    That was enough to get us to #58 though, just by a hair...

    Yes indeed, we just passed club lexus, I'll have to take a look to see if I got my points back.

    Apr 29, 05:39 PM
    I don't have a blu-ray player and have no plans on buying one. I also don't have an HD TV, still using a 10+ year old Sony Trinitron. It's not broke so it's not getting replaced till it is.

    I buy all my TV shows on iTunes in HD and watch them on my 15" MBP.

    Even if Amazon has 69 cent songs, I I will likely continue buying on iTunes. Over the past year, most music has been purchased on my iPhone while I am out. Can't do that with Amazon.

    You aren't the audience I was addressing though, naturally...

    Oct 24, 08:14 AM
    Yea... WHERE THE [censored] ARE THE MACBOOKS?! I want a Core 2 Duo MacBook, not MacBook Pro :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Me too!!!! Interesting that they'd spend so much time updating the MacBook web pages as well as the pro, and not put in an upgrade...

    Interesting quote from the UK store MBP Buy now :

    "Intel Core 2 Duo processor
    Powered by two processor cores on a single chip, MacBook performs up to five times faster than the previous generation iBook."

    Looks like the copywriters thought they'd be upgraded too... :eek:

    They've upgraded the store pages for all the products, not just the MBP...

    Apr 14, 03:09 PM
    My upload is better, but my download is the same.

    I've had instances in which my download was 650kbps and my upload has been 1200kbps. It's been all over the board, but I'm still happy with it. Did you just install the new update?

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