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  • InTheMoment
    08-02 10:54 AM
    Send a detailed letter explaining that you are at a risk of losing job to the EAD expedite fax line.

    Another alternative is to take infopass and explain the situation to them and take the letter with you so that can send it to the proper place.

    Also call the IO directly at 1800-375-5283, 1,2,2,6,1...3,4

    Something should click.

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  • msp1976
    03-05 07:01 AM
    He can file the H4 extension based on the H1B extension application receipt...
    Even if there is a RFE..that does not stop him from filing the H4 extension..Please tell him to file the H4 extension immediately....Usually you do not send a new application along with the answers of RFE..Just file it separately....After H1 goes through they would process the H4 too may be no at the same time but that should be fine....
    As long as H4 extension is filed, wife's status is valid....

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  • ed61115
    November 8th, 2004, 09:02 PM
    Nikon Coolpix 5700 lens question-
    Retired guy needs advice. I bought Raynox Digital DCR-5000 0.5x Super Wide Angle lens from Abe's of Maine for $99.- but with NO threaded front element for a UV filter.
    And I bought a Vision Optics Titanium 0.48 Wide Angle with Macro from www.mydigitalgear.com (http://www.mydigitalgear.com) also for $99. and it has a threaded front element for a UV filter.
    Has anyone had experience with these? Or am I better with the Nikon Lens for $150.? I appreciate advice. Thanks. ed61115@gmail.com

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  • qtoask
    06-25 03:42 PM
    does this mean EB quota exhausted???

    see this thread... http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=5512


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  • apahilaj
    03-21 03:58 PM
    Today I had an Infopass Appointment at 10 am. The IO told me, my NC is pending that's why I did not get FP.He told me to wait till July (ie is one yr from the date of applying)then open SR.

    Got the same exact nonsense at my infopass as well.

    With the new 180 day NC rule, does it even matter?

    Bunch of bafoons are appointed as so called IIOs there..

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  • reapit
    03-22 04:54 AM

    Can i transfer my H1 while in India? I have a stamped visa valid till June 2011 and am planning to change my employer



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  • raju3g
    06-22 03:42 PM
    receipt number will remain the same

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  • krishnam70
    03-13 05:17 PM

    My company applied for my H1B extn and after 3 months the status got changed to RFE... when the company lawyers recieved the letter, they reviewed it and emailed me the text below....

    "Our office just received the Request for Additional Evidence from CIS by mail. What they requested in the letter is not applicable to your case and we believe CIS issued this RFE by mistake. We will respond to CIS to clarify this issue and will keep you informed if there is any update."

    I have requested my company lawyers on the specifics...

    Is it even possible to get an RFE by mistake? - (may be - yes)

    have you seen any such instances?


    Anything is possible. Can you get more details on the RFE? May be your post may help others who might get similar RFE's

    - cheers


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  • svr_76
    04-03 12:33 PM
    I140 Mailed Date : 08/01/2006
    I485 Mailed Date : 07/23/2006

    How is this possible?

    I was jsut curious.

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  • eagerr2i
    03-06 03:00 PM


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  • gc_eb2_waiter
    03-17 02:42 PM
    I have returned from India on AP three days ago. Immigration officer just asked questions on my employment, but he did not ask for proof. If you have multiple APs you should submit all of them for stamping. Thats it!

    I got AP..and H1B till 09..I am hoping to reenter using AP while comming back from india..Apart from AP do I require anything else. like employement letter to reenter the contry??..

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  • nobody
    04-24 10:01 PM
    I love it :love:


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  • pappu
    01-22 03:52 PM
    the link you provided did not show any "Interestnig Cricket Widget on IV". Is that the correct link?


    Thanks Sanju
    The correct link is http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/blog.php?u=31942

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  • Munna Bhai
    10-15 03:52 PM

    I am on H1B, got my EAD and registered a LLC.
    Do I need to send I-9 when I switch working for my own registered LLC?

    Thanks in advance!

    Current Contribution: $100

    Do know that once you switch to EAD, you are no longer in H1b. I-9 is just a form and if Home-land guys ask then you need to show them and no need to send that form to USCIS.

    Could you please let me know how to register a LLC, I am in MA.



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  • pappu
    05-03 09:03 AM
    We are all retrogressed people here and may not have the experience in this matter. Immigrationportal.com has an area to discuss such posts. You may want to discuss there.
    In my experience in such matters, it is really not helpful to post qualifications and ask for chances of success. You need to discuss everything with an immigration lawyer since it is a highly difficult catagory for anyone. There are several finer details in each of the criterias that regular members do not know on forums.

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  • prouddesi
    10-10 03:07 PM
    Wake up San Diegans!


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  • masala dosa
    07-17 05:14 PM
    Just checking the website after a long time.
    WHere is IV core grp?

    In the meantime everyone knows the latest on Aug bulletin.
    to add some humor i am adding a link....
    the video unfortunately in in Tamil....
    if only there were folks outside the processing centers as shown in the video
    :D :D :D :D :D :D


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  • BharatPremi
    08-24 03:40 PM

    If you are accessing that from work then probably you are prohibited to see that (Through proxy and/or firewall and/or websense). I can not see that either through IE or firefox from work and could see it well from home through both browsers.

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  • gcdeena
    12-17 12:28 PM
    I-485, EB visa processing time for TSC is showing as Mar 26 2009. is it going to be true or typo?

    11-28 08:12 PM
    I am new to IV. I am just wondering whether we have ever emphasized on bifurcation of Immigration Bill or call for a interim law to facilitate legal immigrant's issues ( mainly retro victims) -

    Our problems are very basic and do not have sociopolitical or economical strings attached to it (Probably works better for economy as lot of us are holding on to buy houses and other big budget stuff).

    The main issue I have is
    - Unable to change jobs

    I can wait for GC but not being able to change jobs is hurting me most.
    Employers do not find projects and do not pay on bench. Once you find a project Employer wants a big cut. All in the name of policy ;) .

    Please share your thoughts.

    Your issue is same as everyone's here. SKIL bill does not have anything to do with illegals, but CIR does. This organization is keeping all options open and doing everything, but for some reason, there does not seem to be an easy rsolution to our issue. The group is working hard with support of members, other similar organizations, well wishers, members, some politicians, lobbyists, media etc..

    01-15 09:18 PM
    Atleast they should allow that.

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