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clip art quadrilateral

clip art quadrilateral. clip art quadrilateral.
  • clip art quadrilateral.

  • true777
    May 2, 09:56 PM
    In addition to giving blood and/or platelets I encourage everyone to register as a stem cell donor. Nowadays stem cell donation is quick and virtually painless, and you can save the life of a desperately ill person whose illness can be eradicated with just a few vials of your life-saving stem cells.


    Stem cell donors are urgently needed, there is a huge shortage and long wait lists from patients who are dying. I have a complex blood plasma cancer and might need a stem cell donor at some point in the future to save my life. Please register, it only takes a few minutes. The chance you will ever actually be needed as a donor is small (you'd have to be a perfect match on many blood criteria), and if you are contacted you can still refuse, so you are not committing to anything just by signing up.

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  • BillyBobBongo
    Oct 6, 04:14 AM
    Mine for the moment.

    I really like that, gonna go make myself a version of this now! :)

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  • Mechcozmo
    Feb 12, 11:06 PM
    We all knew it was matter of time before edesign was promoted. After the dozen paged thread about him who could refuse? :D

    Well I can only dream of achieving the moderator status. Maybe in 2 years Arn will give me a shot.Its always good to start kissing up now.

    In that case... :rolleyes:

    Congrats to all! And if you want someone to kiss your feet....

    ...look somewhere else.
    But if my stuff starts to disapear, then I'll have to reconsider. :)

    I've seen some other forums, but this forum definatly is the best in terms of mod friendly-ness, etc. And their quite efficient here, too. Plus our mods have cooler sounding usernames...

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  • rdowns
    Mar 23, 04:48 PM
    Bertrand's accent is really funny.... I remember him saying: Snaw Lepawd... Also, wasn't he one of the CEOs of BE, Inc??

    He helped found Be, right? I do know he was responsible for not allowing G5's to run Snaw Lepawd.

    Uh, no.


    Jean-Louis Gass�e (born March 1944 in Paris, France) is a former executive at Apple Computer, where worked from 1981 to 1990. He is most famous for founding Be Inc., creators of the BeOS computer operating system. After leaving Be, he became Chairman of PalmSource, Inc. in November, 2004.


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  • clip art quadrilateral.

  • sksmith78
    May 1, 05:16 PM
    Image (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u9QNYjYvYQ#t=0m25s)

    Any Les Miserables fans here? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u9QNYjYvYQ)

    haha...very good

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  • zachg
    Jun 19, 02:24 PM
    What time are people going to be at the Penn Square Mall in OKC?


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  • Ateace3
    Dec 3, 02:39 AM
    My Christmas wallpaper.

    clip art quadrilateral. clip art quadrilateral. quadrilaterals math; quadrilaterals math. CTYankee. Oct 26, 03:02 AM. That is ridiculous.
  • clip art quadrilateral. quadrilaterals math; quadrilaterals math. CTYankee. Oct 26, 03:02 AM. That is ridiculous.

  • Tadros86
    Apr 13, 09:36 AM
    There honestly is no need to update the iPhone line EVERY year at this point. iPhone 4 was the biggest jump and I don't see a reason to jump again so soon, especially after Verizon customers JUST recived access to the phone. I can understand updating the models to include 4G, but at this point 4G IMHO is not needed. It's not a mature enough standard to expect iPhone owners to have smooth service with Verizon and AT&Ts 4G networks. I see them both being great next year, but it'd be a forced move on Apples part to update so soon.


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  • nyisles84
    Nov 3, 12:04 PM
    As far as I know, this is a limit on ATT's end not the iPhone itself

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  • metooplease
    Oct 31, 12:04 PM
    i think we'll see a trend where people start clipping the suffle on something and then take pictures of the ipod shuffle attached to.

    like... the most expensive driving mp3 player on earth, ipod shuffle clipped on the antenna of a ferrari..
    or you've got a living mp3 player-pet: your ipod shuffle clipped at your dogs ear ;)

    there should be a website for that... and if you're putting a bunch of google ads on it and start making it popular.. you could probably buy 200 ipod shuffles after a month =)


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  • Mr.Noisy
    Sep 8, 04:49 PM
    Decided to change it, something easy on the eye this time :)

    Source of Original (http://konachan.com/post/show?md5=b4b9a3bc966a88340c57cdecd4b044eb)

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  • caspian
    Mar 23, 10:44 AM
    Wasn't it Jean-Marie Hullot who created Xcode and Interface Builder?

    A coworker tells me Bertrand wrote Interface Builder as part of his thesis before being hired at NeXT - imagine where Mac and iOS development would be today without him!


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  • Mister Snitch
    Apr 6, 11:55 AM
    12 Petabytes, is that all (Lame).

    *Sarcastic Post

    In a few years you'll have that much in your wristwatch.

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  • MrMac'n'Cheese
    Mar 27, 09:03 PM
    Ok I see the auction says cancelled by seller. Guess we scared him ;)

    Good job! It's our lawful moral responsibility to crush these scumbag trolls.


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  • Gavroche62
    Jan 10, 05:26 PM
    Disappointed. Great for Wall Street and Steve's stock, but who's minding the computer side of the house? I think dropping the "Computer" from its name was the single most significant news of the show. What's next a new gaming console?

    iPhone - revolutionary in that it raises the bar VERY high for other manufacturers...But it still smells like first generation to me. Behind the arguably flawless design, usability and performance issues are already being raised. Kudos to Steve and his enormously talented staff, but I'll pass on early adoption. But slick..oh so slick..No one is as good as SJ for coordinating such a project. Now let's see how it sells.

    appleTV - mediocre offering at best. 40Gb is way too small to host any HD material. It just begs for an upgrade. Why should it be paired to a computer if it has a wireless connection to the internet? My Xbox360 already can and play HD games to boot!

    - no news about MacPro (where's the eight core!)
    - no news about laptops
    - no update to iPod in the near future (iPhone notwithstanding of course, but what if I don't want or need the phone part?)
    - Cingular exclusive deal has already alienated non-Cingular customers
    - no new displays (HDCP compatibility)
    - no "...and one more thing"

    A significant watershed show nonetheless. I can understand the need to focus on the iPhone : there's so much to say about it and it would have surely stolen anything else's thunder. I'm just afraid the gadgets are taking over an AWESOME COMPUTER company and leaving all of us behind. Half the Genius bar at my local Apple store was replaced by an iPod Nano express line...hmm...I hope Apple knows what they're doing this time - remember the Newton!

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  • MacBandit
    Nov 10, 08:56 AM
    Agreed that this app is definitely worth checking out, if only for the amazing more-apple-than-apple GUI! But as DR Q pointed out before this is a thread for freeware apps and at $40 Delicious Library doesn't quite fall into that category.

    Actually you can try it for free and it's fully functional as long as you only have 25 items in your library.


    clip art quadrilateral. clip art quadrilateral. minimalist quadrilateral; minimalist quadrilateral. unlinked. Apr 9, 03:58 PM. Why would I do that?
  • clip art quadrilateral. minimalist quadrilateral; minimalist quadrilateral. unlinked. Apr 9, 03:58 PM. Why would I do that?

  • Pavijan
    Apr 1, 04:53 PM
    http://www.shrani.si/t/1k/wS/2UItcmNr/screen-shot-2011-04-01-a.jpg (http://www.shrani.si/?1k/wS/2UItcmNr/screen-shot-2011-04-01-a.png)
    Click to supersize.

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 25, 08:48 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Have people maybe stoped to think, that we may not get a new model this year? That the reason they are putting out the white model now, is to cover the fact we won't see a update till next year?

    this is apple.....they don't care as long as their wallet gets thicker.

    they could launch this in a few days, then come out with an iphone 5 in June. They don't care....people will buy from them regardless

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  • iCheddar
    Jan 11, 01:17 PM
    With the Verizon iPhone coming out, us folks who live out in the middle-of-nowhere South Dakota will finally be able to get the Jesus phone.

    Of course, despite all that AT&T claimed it would do, they've still yet to launch out here. I for one will be in Sioux Falls on the 10th to pick up my iPhone 4, who else will be there?

    Chase R
    Dec 1, 11:27 PM
    As always, courtesy of interfacelift.com :)

    InterfaceLIFT is the shizzz... That's where I het 90% of my wallpapers.

    Someone needs to right some sort of program, app, script, or what-have-you to automatically change your desktop background to the latest InterfaceLIFT one. I'd pay for that :)

    Apr 4, 02:05 PM
    Apple does allow opt-in, just not opt-out. So the problem lies with the FT.

    Not really.

    The terms with FT are that if you want to use their service you must provide them with the information. Then you can choose what you allow them to do with this information.

    If Apple does not want to allow FT to work that way they are effectively saying they don't want to do business with FT. And this is why FT is "holding out."

    Apple doesn't like the T&C's of FT.
    FT does not like the T&C's of Apple.

    So they are choosing not to do business with each other. Happens all the time.

    Apple users are the only ones that lose here.

    Apr 6, 12:03 PM
    Mmm....12 pita bites sounds delicious.

    Apr 9, 04:40 PM
    You need one with an external power adapter.
    Any of them will work, I recently got me a 4-port USB hub from CnMemory: http://www.cnmemory.de/seite_416en-0-a0.html

    Oct 15, 11:44 PM
    my 3 hyperspaces.

    all from www.wallpaperswide.com

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