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  • satcomer
    Apr 19, 07:45 PM
    This should not have happened. Call AppleCare ASAP on a 2011 MPB.

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  • wilheldp
    Apr 28, 06:21 AM
    I was really excited about the Verizon iPhone because I absolutely hate AT&T. I had Verizon for 7 years, and never dropped a single call. But I switched to AT&T when the iPhone 3GS came out, and now I drop the call on about 90% of the calls I make (no joke).

    When the Verizon iPhone was announced, I was planning to decide whether to pay the ETF to AT&T and switch immediately, or wait until June when my contract was up. When I saw that the Verizon iPhone was just the iPhone 4 with a new wireless chip, it made my decision to wait a little easier.

    That was Apple's first attempt at stretching the life of the iPhone 4, and apparently, people didn't bite (since CDMA phone sales didn't meet expectations). Now, they are making their second stab at extending the life of the iPhone 4 by finally releasing the white models. The problem is that they are trying to get longevity out of a design that was heavily flawed to begin with. Not only does the death grip reduce signal strength, but Apple is stubbornly refusing to integrate LTE.

    I will not make the switch back to Verizon until Apple releases an iPhone with a 4G chip in it AND completely re-designs the antenna so that I can hold the phone any way I damn well please and still have good signal. It looks like I may not get that until September or Q1 2012. Well, so be it.

    Apple is starting to get the attitude that they cannot make a mistake, and Android device makers are capitalizing on Apple's arrogance.

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  • Category: Animation, Funny

  • Mr.Noisy
    Oct 1, 03:14 AM
    Well it's a nice wet start to October in the UK, here's mine for now :)

    Original: Nitemare World Order 2 (http://www.anarchic2designs.com/subs/images/Nitemare_36235115_worldorder2.jpg)

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  • iphonecrazyful
    Oct 9, 03:29 PM
    There doesn't appear to be any themes im afraid. You can change the size of the font but thats it. :(


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  • Ringo-Chan
    Apr 23, 12:27 AM
    I was wondering is is possible to get new voices installed besides the ones you already have on your computer? If so please tell me and where to get them and also is it possible to use a "Vocaloid" (a Synthesizer from yamaha)

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  • dantastic
    Apr 15, 02:51 AM
    What do you mean by binary format?

    If you want to save values to a file you want to look up plists and how they can help you.


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  • McGiord
    Apr 7, 08:05 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    25-30 years ago those were cool, even considered cutting edge, but compared with what is on the app store now, the Atari games suck. I'll pass. Not even worth 99 cents.

    Atari games will always rule the video gaming world.
    If it wasn't for Atari there will be no :apple:.

    25-30 years from now your post was never cool, even considered from a different edge, but compared to what is on the app store now: Atari's Greatest Hits, your post will always suck.
    You shall not pass...Gandalf said.
    Not even worth more than this reply.

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  • Rocketman
    Nov 29, 02:18 PM
    And what happens if we don't want HDCP then?

    Then you cannot display the "highest" resolution version of the media. Either none, or a resolution crippled version (ie 480p vs 1080i).



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  • jfyrfytr25
    Apr 4, 11:00 AM
    they'll let people upgrade at the subsidized iphone price (with a new 2-yr deal) because they'll see a mass exodus of subs if they don't.

    it will all work out.

    there was supposed to be a mass exodus when the Verizon iPhone was reeased as well/ It was not as many as the analysts expected. I doubt there will be a mass exodus for this either becasue the majority of people are sheep. They might get mad for a moment, but eventually they will justify staying and that will be it. Making a stand is hard, conforming is easy.

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  • lazyrighteye
    Oct 31, 01:50 PM
    4 years ago I hiked the Camino de Santiago, an old pilgrimage route that goes across Spain (850 km)

    I had a diskman at the time and used for about 5 minutes during the walk.

    I found that it ruined the whole experience.

    sometimes the best music is absolute silence

    So very true...


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  • JAT
    Apr 29, 12:42 PM
    I will say something about SPRINT. First off, that article is WRONG!

    Baltimore, Maryland is the 1st SPRINT test market for 4G, but it's not even mentioned in that article! I know so because SPRINT is actively advertising it and it's been in other press reports. So how many other test markets did they miss in their alleged comparison of 4G vs. 3G I wonder?
    Um, all of them, I guess. That test was carried out locally, since the local city, at that time, provided "4G" from the 3 tested providers. I'm not sure why that would be a problem for you. The only issue I have with it is that Tmob is not tested to cover all 4 national providers, perhaps that wasn't up and running in Detroit at the time. Maybe you'll like this?: http://www.rootmetrics.com/pr/reports/2011/20110320_Seattle_4G_Study.pdf

    So, what magical speed does Sprint offer in Baltimore? Considering that they only claim maximum 6Mbps speed for their "4G" network, and that was achieved in the test, you shouldn't have any problem with it.

    "4G" is the problem. As marketed:
    Sprint (http://shop2.sprint.com/en/shop/why_sprint/4g/evo_plan_details.html): up to 6Mbps
    AT&T (http://www.wireless.att.com/answer-center/main.jsp?t=solutionTab&ft=&ps=solutionPanels&locale=en_US&_dyncharset=UTF-8&solutionId=KB115947): up to 6Mbps
    Tmob (http://t-mobile-coverage.t-mobile.com/4g-wireless-technology): up to 21Mbps (however, I never see test reports breaking 8Mbps)
    VZW (http://network4g.verizonwireless.com/#/whatis4g): up to 12Mbps (but test reports show higher speeds)

    Do you see anything amiss in the use of the same word for all that?

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  • GGJstudios
    May 4, 12:00 AM

    4th search result from a Google search for "alias vs. symbolic link (http://www.google.com/search?num=100&hl=en&safe=off&client=safari&rls=en-us&as_qdr=all&q=alias%20vs.%20symbolic%20link&btnG=Search)"


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  • fs454
    Apr 21, 06:40 PM

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  • msjones
    Apr 22, 10:17 AM
    Can you not just click and drag the icon off the dock? This is the usual way to remove icons.


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  • macEfan
    Oct 12, 12:19 AM
    You likely broke one of the screen hinges. This is common with the emates.

    Here's a dissasembly guide if you ever feel ambitious enough to replace the part.

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  • skunk
    May 5, 12:17 PM
    I want retribution, so do most americans.Yes, it's one of your less appealing traits.
    And please define "destroyed", those countries were radical muslim wastelands and iraq had an evil dictator.They were pretty much destroyed as it is. Just like dirty trash bins attract flies and rats, those countries attract terrorists.Which terrorists were you referring to in Iraq?Your solution to just leave the middle east alone is counterproductive, ignoring bullies never worked. Your country tried that with hitler, how did that work out for you?I can't believe you are being this crass. Your last President's grandfather was trading with Hitler for three years while Britain was engaged in a life-or-death struggle. Your country has installed bullies in several governments. How did that work out for you?

    As for enhanced interrogation, go for it. Skunk, i know you want the best for the world and im sure you're good intentioned, but many of your views are simply unrealistic. The world isn't that rosey.The world isn't going to get any rosier until you raise the bar.


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  • Steviejobz
    Apr 7, 08:29 AM
    Hope they fix the slide to unlock bug on home screen.

    It gets stuck a lot ever since 4.3.1

    Also the pause button when playing podcasts or certain music not as responsive as it used to be.

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  • localman
    Nov 12, 07:28 PM
    Jobs (and most of us here) are missing the point. It's not about getting a release window for the next iteration of FCP, it's about running a business and the need to plan according to a supplier's roadmap. This is one area where Apple totally blows: without awareness of basic features, likely timelines, and a clear product commitment, it's nerve wracking and borderline irresponsible to use Apple products in the backbone of any business.

    Cue the apologists, but I've been in the driver's seat on this and for serious professionals it is an abuse that Apple should stop. If a product is claimed to be for professional use, then give the professionals the information they need to plan and run their business. If you don't get why this matters, I'm going to guess you've never run a business where you had the responsibility for people's livelihood on your shoulders.

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  • Cynicalone
    Mar 25, 10:45 AM
    They need to improve the worthless notification system in iOS more than the maps.

    Apr 6, 12:08 PM
    How much is that?

    Only enough to give 187,500 MobileMe customers 64GB of cloud storage to back up their iPads. Apple has most likely already sold over 10X that many iPad 2's (but not all of them are 64GB models...)

    May 1, 11:51 AM
    This sounds good but here is what i run in to
    1. I can fit all the media on my imac ( after 3TB) for streaming via itunes and AirVideo
    2. External Drives are not backed-up via time machine

    I dont trust the drobo for anything but time machine after my recent close call with it.
    I currently do monthly backups to sata drives that sit on a shelf when not in use this is a pain but loosing many dollars of media is worse

    Are there dives bigger than 3TB to install on my imac?

    I use time machine for my internal drive. And for the media on my external drives I use superduper. There are other similar apps out there. I bought two 2TB drives for this purpose. I tried to set up a RAID with disk utility and it kept crashing during set up and I would have to go through a few steps to recover access to the one drive each time. I realized cloning was the safer bet.

    For me, the 2TB will serve my needs until about the time thunderbolt drives are reasonably priced and I'll upgrade speed and size at that point.

    I wonder if Apple will allow external drives to be used in this icloud system. They do not allow it for time machine so perhaps they will follow the same pattern.

    Feb 13, 12:50 PM
    ... (http://img266.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=00899_Untitled_122_256lo.jpg)

    Suckerpunch? I know that's a chick flick, but I'd like to see that. Emily is rather hot, in a spooky kind of way. It's in the eyes.

    Oct 10, 11:09 AM
    Wow. I had been slipping and not paying attention to the Oct desktop thread. Lots of good ones on here and already better than Sept. IMO. Keep em coming, and thanks.

    Oct 13, 07:24 AM
    I'd rather pay and get upgrades than have the developer abandon the app because it isn't profitable to do anymore free updates.

    Excuse me, but he did abandon it. He abandoned Tweetie 1 to create Tweetie 2.

    I don't care about the $3. $3 is no big deal and I have absolutely no desire to have this app anyway. By the way, I keep hearing it's not an upgrade, but you're saying he's charging to keep upgrading his app. Which is it? Is he charging for an upgrade or abandoning his app that people paid for, for this brand new app that he says isn't an upgrade?

    Quite frankly, whether this app is worth the money or not, is of no consequence to me (as stated, I don't want it in any event), but what does concern me is the precedent it may set. "It's only $3." Multiply that by all of the apps in the app store. Imagine some of the developers of the crap apps charging people for an update to make their games do what they should've done in the first place. It could turn into much more than "only $3."

    Hopefully, that won't happen on a large scale, but I doubt some sleazy developers out there won't be thinking about it now. "Buy e-mail 2. If you purchase this app, you can send e-mail as well as receive it."

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