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bmw 320 2002

bmw 320 2002. Fotos de BMW 320 Diesel 2002
  • Fotos de BMW 320 Diesel 2002

  • jnraajan
    03-27 12:26 PM

    bmw 320 2002. Photos de Vends mw 320 ci
  • Photos de Vends mw 320 ci

  • eilsoe
    10-15 07:25 PM
    Has this thread been forgotten?

    I'm still waiting to hear what a "dog's clue" is... :P

    isn't the paw pring a standard vector shape in PS7? Or did I download it somewhere...?

    hm.... never can remember...

    bmw 320 2002. Ma voiture BMW Serie 3 320d
  • Ma voiture BMW Serie 3 320d

  • ssss
    08-01 05:18 PM
    UPS issued same tracking number for 2 different packages from same place of origin lastweek.

    bmw 320 2002. d#39;une mw 320I E46 pack
  • d#39;une mw 320I E46 pack

  • Kapils573
    06-15 03:11 PM
    I believe it is the number which is assigned to you when your I-140 is approved. It is mentioned on your I -140 approval notice. and it is used to fill your AR-11 form


    bmw 320 2002. 320D SE 1998cc 2002 model
  • 320D SE 1998cc 2002 model

  • transpass
    07-29 10:55 PM
    Also one EB1 participant asked for preferential treatment for EB1 applications.

    I don't think that dude knows what he is talking about. Anyway EB1 cases ARE separate from EB2/EB3 and ARE adjudicated separately than the rest. That's why it is current and I don't know what more that dude wanted...Just few months here and there in adjudication process of EB1 cases...so what? In this whole mess of years and years of waiting for others, what's the big deal?

    bmw 320 2002. Images 2002 BMW 320i
  • Images 2002 BMW 320i

  • chanduv23
    09-25 10:29 AM


    Excellent - explains everything


    bmw 320 2002. mw 320 2002. mw 320d (e46)
  • mw 320 2002. mw 320d (e46)

  • Lacris
    07-18 01:39 AM
    They might return urs , simple.
    Could you answer this? We applied in march for 140/485. I have EAD, AP and FP done.The problem is that I don't remember seing the I-140 application among the papers we had to sign, and nothing just for my husband to sign, which would be normal, since he's the primary applicant. I thought at the time that I-140, being thru the employer doesn't have to be filed personally? Do you think it's possible the I-140 was accepted by mistake without the signature or should I enquire more and maybe my husband signed it at work and doesn't remember?
    Thank you

    bmw 320 2002. Photos de Vends mw 320 ci
  • Photos de Vends mw 320 ci

  • anilsal
    01-28 12:25 AM
    What about others?

    Ready to file your EAD/AP renewal? :cool:


    bmw 320 2002. vand mw 320 d 2000 cc an 2002
  • vand mw 320 d 2000 cc an 2002

  • singhsa3
    05-01 11:29 AM
    Thats exactly my plan. It will be accompanied by covering letter, a spreadsheet and a recommendation.
    I will be sending mainly to DOS , DHS and USCIS

    What you may want to do is, write to the NEW Director, with your proposal and also send a copy to all the senators who have recently proposed new EB related immigration bills. This might make an impact...

    bmw 320 2002. 2002 BMW 320d Automatic
  • 2002 BMW 320d Automatic

  • pappu
    05-24 01:58 PM
    Only last week I saw an article that said something to the effect that " Want US GC, get Masters". At that time, we all laughed at how these reports are compiled and brushed them off as tabloids.
    Unfortunately , this time IV has got the right message and the publicity, but how will an average reader decide which article is saying the truth. People will understand/interpret the news the way their minds wants it to be , regardless of what the absolute truth is.

    Regardless , a step in the positive direction for us
    IV thanks its member- English_august for getting us this interview.

    Yes this time TOI got it right. IV thanks TOI for this article too.


    bmw 320 2002. TESTDRIVE 01: BMW 320i
  • TESTDRIVE 01: BMW 320i

  • vkrishn
    08-27 08:13 PM
    There is no point in moving the PD if they cannot process the PD's who are current. This is what is happenning now in USCIS. I would rather they move it by small amounts and process those who are current than give false hope to people!

    bmw 320 2002. 1983 BMW 3 Series 320i,
  • 1983 BMW 3 Series 320i,

  • MA001
    10-30 01:31 PM
    See this link, give your comments ( I suggest to be brief & to the point).



    bmw 320 2002. mw 320 2002. mw 3 series
  • mw 320 2002. mw 3 series

  • yabadaba
    06-22 02:54 PM
    bump up

    bmw 320 2002. mw 320d 150cv année 2002
  • mw 320d 150cv année 2002

  • prince40
    04-16 01:07 PM
    one of my colleague has received mail notification to the lawyer that application was picked in selection. H1b applied in masters premium.

    did he get it this morning??


    bmw 320 2002. mw 320 td 150 cv anno
  • mw 320 td 150 cv anno

  • sbeyyala
    07-17 05:40 PM
    I pledge to contribute $200 once I get the receipt notice

    bmw 320 2002. More 320si photos
  • More 320si photos

  • sats123
    03-11 01:29 AM
    My AP was mailed by USCIS in January and I never received it. Called USCIS customer service, they said I need to apply again by paying $305 again. Called up USPS and they cannot find it, USPS said they will be sending me apology letter.

    Did any one lost AP in mail, did any of you refile again.


    bmw 320 2002. Photos de BMW 320 Compact
  • Photos de BMW 320 Compact

  • nihar
    11-23 09:45 AM
    Thanks a lot for ur reply .. bt can u pls tell me as to hw can i do my opt on h1 ie if its approved ??? also the query and approval notice was sent on the same day . wen i call up the uscis they dnt mention this qry thgh my consultant sent this to me . nw wat shud i do in this case where im nt sure as to is this true that their is a qry or my employer is doing somethng else .

    bmw 320 2002. BMW E46 320D sport Estroil
  • BMW E46 320D sport Estroil

  • Bharam
    06-06 09:19 AM
    Fellow IVians,

    Contributed $200 for the cause.

    Wish you all the best

    bmw 320 2002. vand mw 320d 2002 - Târgu
  • vand mw 320d 2002 - Târgu

  • kriskris
    04-17 11:55 AM
    This is a poignant question for everyone. Any experts that know the law and psychology and the theory of standing in line please answer.

    Let me also add one more question. I have a pet that I am bringing from abroad. Which line should the pet stand in? I do not want the IO at Port of entry to call my employer and ask if he tried to find US citizen pets for me .

    I am sorry to say this, why do you always try to create controversy. If you don't want to answer you should have kept quiet. No hard feelings my friend. I know that there is not a definite answer for my question, but I have posted here just to take expertise from our friends from their previous experiences. Lets say if you are going for a visa, don't you do your homework instead of leaving everything to the mercy of the officer?
    If you look at my personal perspective, I am trying to be careful during these hard times.

    12-20 10:57 PM
    My wife is applying for graduate school and they asked for her Alien registration Number. Should she give the one on her 485?

    She is presently on H-4

    07-03 11:04 AM
    Texas service center. I think they move much faster than Nebraska.

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